A complete walkthrough for The Legend of Dragoon, written by Lassarina Aoibhell. The Legend of Dragoon Guides & Walkthroughs. The Legend of Dragoon is a Playstation 1 JRPG from Squaresoft that consists of 4 discs that span a total of 60 . when you enter the marshland you follow the path until you reach the fort where there are five or six battles with Sandora soldiers. after the battle with all the.

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Urobolus then gets up and tries to kill Shana There will also be some people there who don’t have any place to go, and Walithrough will offer them to stay at his huge house. Kazas, Exit last room that had star dust, go down a ladder door on the right search the barrels near the stairs She hasn’t seen Dart in 4 years, since he left on his journey to pursue the “Black Monster”. Rose recognizes qalkthrough as a Virage. Shortly after you come in, an angry Fire Bird appears.

However, the existance of Dragoni Plant is very mild. I will try to get as detailed as possible for this section. Before you start on this place, I thought I would speak about the enemies in this place.


This is a pretty big place, and the biggest thus far in the game except for maybe Hellena Prison. Dart will then carry her out and up the web. Take Rose and Dart.

Another good thing about Haschel is his wide array of weapons. After you gain control, try going in the door beside the mayor, Ishe and Lowe will dash out, knocking Dart. Then the Fire Bird comes and attacks!

He will admit that you are too powerful for him after the fight. Walkthough, a description for Additions was already given, so have Dart use Double Slash on them if you can.

Lassarina Aoibhell’s Walkthrough

He left his town a long time ago to search for his daughter, who disappeared. Don’t bother having Shana attack if anyone’s below half of their HP though, because she does about 5 damage per hit. If you press the Triangle Button on this screen, you can sort through your items.

I can think of a LOTof battles where this is a lifesaver. This is a place that you can level up easily. Use guard when necessary.

Full Legend Of Dragoon Walkthrough – Guide for The Legend Of Dragoon

Remember to Guard after you lose too much HP. Now walk back left and enter the house at the bottom of the screen.


When all three members of your party are KO’d, the game ends, draagoon you must restart it. Now, go to the left and go through the upper left path. That is a place on the left that you can recover.

The Legend of Dragoon/Marshland — StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki

Dart and Rose are not offensive in dealing with this boss, so use them to use items if you want to. Flurry of Styx Number of Attacks: Walk towards him and he will notice you. There are obstacles blocking you, so walkthrouhh them a few times and the obstacles will fall, allowing to hit those monsters better.

Search the armor suit and you’ll get another Stardust. Well, it means ‘roughly’. Lavitz is mainly for physical attacks.

The commander is a pushover, even though he does come accompanied with two soldiers. Then continue along the path into he next area.