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When Cuba is freed, we should respect, shelter and aid the wives and children of those courageous soldiers who perished fighting against us. Xbsolvera agrees with the urgent need to industrialize the nation, that we need steel industries, paper and chemical industries, that we must improve our cattle and grain production, the technology and processing in our food industry in order to defend ourselves against the ruinous competition from Europe in cheese products, condensed milk, liquors and edible oils, and the United States in canned goods; that we need cargo ships; that tourism should be an enormous source of revenue.

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There were political parties, radio and television debates and forums and public meetings. Of all our men taken prisoner in the Bayamo area, this is the only survivor. These are still fresh in our memory, but someday when years have passed, when the skies of the nation have cleared once more, when tempers have calmed and fear no longer torments our spirits, then we will begin to see the magnitude of this massacre in all its shocking dimension, and future generations will be struck with horror when they look back on these acts of barbarity unprecedented in our history.

We have the same situation here: Touch my heart with your cold hands! I must admit that I am somewhat disappointed.

I have heard prosecutors speak ten times longer in a simple narcotics case asking for a sentence of just six months. Pagliery nor I were willing to tolerate such dirty spying upon our means of defense for the oral trial. As often as he tried to see me, the prison gates were closed before him.

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History Will Absolve Me

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. My logic is the simple logic of the people. Kill, soldier, oppress the people, die for the regime, give your sweat and blood But that didn’t satisfy him. The rest of the accused were seized later. Chronicles of our history, down through four and a half centuries, tell us of many acts of cruelty: It is known that more than sixty men were captured in the area of Santiago de Cuba.

How then, now, can we explain the enormous proportion of sixteen deaths per wounded man, if not by the government’s slaughter of the wounded in the very hospitals, and by the assassination of the other helpless prisoners they had ansolvera Only one man in all these centuries has stained with blood two separate periods of our history and has dug his claws ls the flesh of two generations of Cubans.

The happiness of their people is the only tribute worthy of them. There were three hundred more witnesses to testify. All their hope was in the future. Why have you brought him to me? Santiago thought our attack was only a local disturbance between two factions of soldiers; not until many hours later did they realize what had really happened.


This possibility was rejected for the very humane reason that we wished to avoid scenes of tragedy and struggle in the presence of their families. And I did this neither as a conspirator, nor from any kind of personal interest – for we then enjoyed full constitutional prerogatives.

But no one yielded. Despite this, no one is more dedicated than the Cuban teacher. Except for a few food, lumber and textile absolverz, Cuba continues to be primarily a producer of raw materials. Later I shall come back to the Code to refresh the Honorable Prosecutor’s memory about certain circumstances he has unfortunately overlooked.


This is a universally recognized principle and our Constitution expressly makes it a sacred right, in the second paragraph of Article Only when we understand that such a high ideal inspired them can we conceive of the heroism of the young men who fell in Santiago. Nevertheless, hostoria the interest of truth and even though it may detract from our merit, I am also going to reveal for the first time a fact that was fatal: For the graves of the martyrs are the highest altars of our reverence.

The regime has reached the point of asserting that ‘Might makes right’ is the supreme law of the land. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. This brief explanation has been necessary because it is basic to a consideration to which few people, until now, have paid any attention – soldiers have a deep respect for the feelings of the majority of the people! Batista did not restore the Constitution, did not restore civil liberties, did not restore Congress, did not restore universal suffrage, did not restore in the last analysis any of the uprooted democratic institutions.

With the greatest pride I tell you that in accordance with our principles we hishoria never asked a politician, past or present, for a penny. On Historix 3rd, I supplied the Courts with data, photographs, hietoria and other proof denouncing this state of affairs. The tyrant called abso,vera mercenaries. In all these battles the number of wounded is twice, three times and up to ten times the number of dead, although in those days there were no modern medical techniques by which the percentage of deaths could be reduced.

What unbelievable crimes this regime must have committed to so fear the voice of one accused man!