by. Joshua Loth Liebman. · Rating details · 51 ratings · 10 reviews. “It may seem strange for a man to write a book about peace of mind in this age of fierce. 17 quotes from Joshua Loth Liebman: ‘Maturity is achieved when a person accepts life as full of tension.’, ‘We are afraid of what we will do to others, afraid of the. Peace of Mind by Joshua Loth Liebman–Inspirational and motivational article from Living Life Fully.

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Goodreads helps you follow your favorite authors. Be the first to learn about new releases! How many human beings go through the world frozen with rage against life! This deeply hidden inner anger may be the product of hurt pride or of real frustration in office, factory, clinic, or home.

Whatever may be the cause of our frozen rage which is the inevitable mother of depressionthe great word of hope today is that this rage can be conquered and drained off into creative channels … …What should we do? We should all learn that a certain amount of aggressive energy is normal and certainly manageable in maturity.

Most of us can drain off the excess of our angry feelings and destructive impulses in exercise, in competitive games, or in the vigorous battles against the evils of nature and society.

We also must realize that no one will punish us for the legitimate expression of self-assertiveness and creative pugnacity as our parents once punished us for our undisciplined temper tantrums.

Furthermore, let us remember that we need not totally repress the angry part of our nature. We can always give it an outlet in the safe realm of fantasy.

A classic example of such fantasy is given by Max Beerborn, who made a practice of concocting imaginary letters to people he hated. Sometimes he went so far as to actually write the letters and in the very process of releasing his anger it evaporated. As mature men and women we should regard our minds as a true democracy where all kinds of ideas and emotions should be given freedom of speech. If in political life we are willing to grant civil liberties to all sorts of parties and programs, should we not be equally willing to grant civil liberties to our innermost thoughts and drives, confident that the more dangerous of them will be outvoted by the majority within our minds?

Do I mean that we should hit out at our enemy whenever the mood strikes us? No, I repeat that I am suggesting quite the reverse—self-control in action based upon positive coping mechanisms such as self expression in fantasy. Long ago Edmund Burke warned humanity about the danger of false generalization in society; of judging a whole race by a few undesirable members.

Today we should likewise become aware of the generalization about our individual personality.

Peace of Mind: Insights on Human Nature That Can Change Your Life

A splendid freedom awaits us when we realize that we need not feel like moral lepers or emotional pariahs because we have some aggressive, hostile feeling s towards ourselves and others.

When we acknowledge these feelings we no longer have to pretend to be that which we pdace not. It is enough to be what we are! We discover that rigid pride is actually the supreme foe of inner victory, while if humility, the kind of humility that appears when we do not demand the impossible or the angelic of ourselves, is the great ally of psychic peace.


It is tragic because it tells a falsehood about life and has led countless generations of people to expect something from human existence which is not possible on this fragile, imperfect earth. It can never be literally true that love and marriage are unblemished perfections, for any worthwhile life has its trials, its disappointments, and its burning heartaches.

Life is not paradise.

It is pain, hardship, and temptation shot through with radiant gleams of light, friendship and love. In the world of opinion and politics, tolerance is that virtue by which liberated minds conquer the evils of bigotry and hatred.

Tolerance implies more than forbearance or the passive enduring of ideas different from our own. It goes even further; it assumes a militant aspect when the rights of an opponent are assailed. Uoshua must not be passive but active agents in this strenuous, challenging world.

At the same time, we must not make a fetish out of our self-sufficiency. It is normal and wise for us to rely at moments upon the insights, the courage, and the consolation which our human brothers can give usknowing full well that they in turn sill rely upon our gifts and strength on other critical occasions. Let us not be too proud to admit weakness at moments and to absorb strength from others in our day of need.

The ruthless repression of our common human problems and fears can only make us hard or ill; the sharing of these problems with our human comrades alone can save us from the sin of pride, the idolatry of self-sufficiency. For there is a curious ambivalence about the human soul: It half realizes that civilization is perpetually menaced because of this primary hostility of men toward one another.

Therefore, culture has to summon every possible reinforcement against these aggressive hatreds. This commandment is the strongest defense against human hatred, and even though it is impossible to fulfill it completely, men cling to it. For they unconsciously realize that if this commandment were to be swept away, the world would be a place of chaos and desolation. Probe deeply into the teachings of Buddha, Maimonides, or a Kempis, and you will discover that they base their diverse doctrines on the foundations of a large spiritual serenity.

Analyze the prayers of troubled, overborne mankind of all creeds, in every age—and their petitions come down to the irreducible common denominators of daily bread and inward peace.

Grown men do not pray for vain trifles. When they lift up their hearts and voices in this valley of tears they ask for strength and courage and understanding.

We have failed to understand that individual evolution can take place not only in mental but in moral power. The earth tragically today is full of people who remain fixated on a childish level of conscience.

Joshua Loth Liebman Quotes (Author of Peace of Mind)

What an illusion has blinded the human race: It is certainly not an organic power that comes to us at birth, like breathing, which demands little attention from us luebman long as we live…A revolution has to take place in our thinking about morality. We have to become as sensitive about being moral morons as we are now anxious jowhua being intellectual idiots.

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No one can measure how much personal unhappiness peaace inner cowardice have come from this immaturity of our social outlook, this childlike comparison, this absurd rivalry in every area of life. As our democracy becomes more mature, men have a chance of growing up and of realizing that every person is needed and has some contribution to make.

In America we rejoice in this diversity, this pluralism, which makes up the rich pattern of our national being. We should learn to accept this pluralism in ourselves, to rejoice in the truth that we human being consist of a variety of moods, impulses, traits, and emotions … If we become pluralistic in thinking about ourselves, we shall learn to take the depressed mood or the cruel mood or the uncooperative mood for what is, one of many, fleeting, not permanent.

As pluralists we take ourselves for worse if well as for better, cease demanding a brittle perfection which can lead only to inner despair. Both must be accepted while we try to emphasize the latter through self-knowledge. This is a variegated, pluralistic world where no two stars are the same and every snowflake has its own distinctive pattern.

God apparently did not want a mjnd world of sameness. That is why creation is so manifold. So it is with us human beings. Our physiques are different, and that simple difference joxhua drives us into conflicting fulfillment of our natures, to action or to thought, to passion or to denial, to conquest or to submission.

Peace of Mind by Joshua Loth Liebman–Inspirational articles from Living Life Fully

There is here no fatalism of endowment. We can change and prune and shape the hedges of our being, but we must rebel against the sharp shears being wielded by other hands, cutting off the living branches of our spirits in order to make our personalities adornments for their dwellings. Adults who strive for total repression of their impulses in the realm of imagination wreak havoc either on their bodies or their spirits.

The religion of the future should take a page from the notebook of the psychotherapist, encouraging men to tolerate their unacceptable impulses, to sublimate them, and at the same time to discipline themselves to a finer and more generous program of action.

It must strengthen mature men and women to realize that everyone has desires liebma fantasies antisocial in nature. Only when their presence is acknowledged rather than repressed can they be prevented from exercising dominion over us in the realm of action. Evil is aggressive, rampant, but good is quiet, undemonstrative. All Liiebman Add A Quote. Books by Joshua Loth Liebman.

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