The Gebser Society furthers the work of German poet and integral philosopher, Jean Gebser (). Jean Gebser () was a German poet, philosopher, and phenomenologist of consciousness. He is best known for his magisterial opus, The. tural historian and evolutionary philosopher Jean Gebser, largely in his own words. According to Gebser, human consciousness underwent a series of mutations.

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It was the last-mentioned who described Gebser as “one of the most creative and stimulating thinkers of modern Europe.

Richard Corral rated it really liked it Jul 16, Are you an author? When we come to the end of our whole life, we have an opportunity to encounter the Whole.

The unfolding of awareness is, by contrast, an opening-up. While Integral Theory provides some of the answers to philosophy’s ‘dead end’ stage and sheds light into the validity of behavior-defining and otherwise competing and jeaj ideologies and methods, those that recognize its value have been sufficiently capable of ‘connecting the dots’ that is, of connecting a progressive sequence of ideas and sentiments.

I felt emotions flowing through me, from top to bottom, making sense of things I could never before quite place. Mario Spassov rated it it was amazing Mar 28, The rational structure of awareness seeks to deny the other structures with its claim that humans are exclusively rational. I believe Gebser would probably agree, but warn Pinchbeck that we need not adopt old forms of experiencing time in totality.


Then most people remain stuck in it and become hardened in it. It is the essence which is behind and which underlies consciousness. A comparison of the teachings of Marc Gafni and Andrew Cohen on the question of personality or lack thereof in the spiritual lif. Gebser noticed that the integral structure of consciousness was largely witnessed as the irruption of time into the “fixed-reality” of the mental structure.

He wrote, “The view that East and West are opposites is wrong.

Jean Gebser Society

I don’t share his jexn characterizations of “the orient”. Only through transforming our relationship to reality time and space, inner and outer, etc do we have a chance to rise above our own limitations.

The still more painful process of ego-transcendence with all its crises and relapses is accomplished by only a few. When we stepped out of the eternal round and began measuring reality in terms of the Scientific Revolution as well as the Renaissance in “ratio,” we began to break down the world, including time, into little bits or segments that can be weighed and precisely calculated.

Opening remarks

Ruta rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Two hours before neutral Switzerland closed its borders in Augusthe crossed into safety, if renewed uncertainty. Foundations of the Aperspectival World, Uean Two: In his Coming into BeingWilliam Irwin Thompson compared Gebser’s structures of consciousness to Marshall McLuhan ‘s conception of the development of communication technology from oral culture to script culture, alphabetic culture, print cultureand then to the emerging electronic culture.


Gebser cautioned against using terms like evolutionprogressionor development to describe the changes in structures of consciousness that he described.

He saw that its metaphysical presumptions necessarily led to jaen ethical dead end. It was in Switzerland that Gebser finally found a permanent home, though having been repeatedly uprooted made him sense that we must find our roots elsewhere than in geography or culture. Mashups of old videos from over 50 years ago are played alongside modern techno and psychedelic music.

The Ever-Present Origin by Jean Gebser

Richard Tarnas and Ken Wilber, and then return to this. Consciousness is “presence”, or “being present”: Latest from Jeremy Johnson Electric Fairytales: For mysticism mean find its way back to the center of society as ancient civilizations did in their own way, they had a priestly eliteis an undertaking of great magnitude. Daniel Pinchbecka modern psychedelic writer and researcher, is also fond of Gebser.

To me, this sounds surprisingly like the mystical experience of “satori,” or how many Zen masters and Christian contemplatives describe the nature of realityas being a movement from and within the Godhead. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Integrative InvestigationsJanuaryVolume 4 Number 1. Gebser saw that it is the very consciousness structure itself which has played out to its inherent end.

Gebser or of K.