Texe Marrs (born ) is an American Texan preacher and conspiracy theorist. “To the Illuminati, this is a year for which they’ve long awaited — the triple. Texe Marrs (–) is an American author and conspiracy theorist. he writes about the Illuminati, UFOs, and shape-shifting lizard-people. Texe Marrs. Books By Texe Marrs Similar Authors To Texe Marrs Circle of Intrigue: The Hidden Inner Circle of the Global Illuminati Conspiracy. Texe Marrs.

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Illuminati : Entrika Cemberi

Texe Marrs — is an American author and conspiracy theorist. Marrs was illhminati a major illuuminati of Satanic Panic and a scare within American evangelical Christendom over the New Age movement. He has disseminated his idiocy through newsletters and ministries under several names, including illumlnati Truth Ministries”, Flashpointand currently Power of Propaganda Prophecy his shortwave radio programand “Bible Home Church”.

Marrs claimed the New Age movement was intended to set up the Antichrist ‘s world religion based on combining all world religions except evangelical Christianity into one. He somehow linked just about every other evangelical scare issue to the New Age movement: Before he started churning out Christian books on the New Age, he was churning out bad hack books for the “career preparation” market, on how to have careers in robotics, [note 1] high tech, computers, and aerospace.

Illuminatu writings on the New Age borrowed heavily from The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbowan earlier book by Constance Cumbeywhich started most of the evangelical scare over the New Age. Cumbey and Marrs posited a conspiracy theory basing the leadership of illuminzti New Age movement around, largely, those following the teachings of “prophet” Benjamin Creme and esotericist writer Alice Bailey who were awaiting the coming of a new “messiah” named Maitreya which Cumbey and Marrs considered a likely candidate for the “Antichrist”.


Texe Marrs – RationalWiki

Cumbey has accused Marrs of wholesale plagiarism from her book, and humbly requests that nobody imply any association between her and Texe Marrs. Fair enough, no association implied; we don’t blame her for not wanting to be associated with Texe Marrs. Subsequent Texe Marrs books went so far off the deep end that even the Christian book market decided he was too whacko to continue to promote, although the specific reason they dropped him like a hot potato appears to be that Marrs started including George H.

Bush and his “thousand points of light” and ” New World Order ” slogans as part of the New Age conspiracy a big no-no texee the religious rightwhich exists by and for the Republican Partyor the other way around.

He has self-published everything since, where he writes about the IlluminatiUFOsand shape-shifting lizard-peoplepromotes King James Onanism Onlyismand most recently has veered into overt anti-Semitism. Actually “overt anti-Semitism” is an understatement.

What else would you call somebody who writes the introduction to a book called The Synagogue of Satan: Marrs has incorporated just about every anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic canard into his current iterations of the ultimate conspiracy.

Marrs has tese jumped into the cesspit of Holocaust denial.

Similar authors to follow

Marrs not only appears in Steven Anderson’s and Paul Wittenberger’s trxe “documentary” Marching to Zion[6] he offers it for sale on his website. On 25 AugustRightWingWatch. Do you mean that as a negative term?

Tede mean that she literally does practice witchcraft. It’s going to happen and I’ve been wondering if maybe, let me just say something here, could Trump be the instrument of God in this? He doesn’t have to be a Hitler, he doesn’t have to be a Stalin, he can simply be a good guy.


Illuminati : Texe Marrs :

I think this may turn out quite surprising. I pray it does. I pray that they the Jews will get what’s coming to them. Now, anyone who’s innocent, though, I mean, if they’re Jew or Gypsy, Gentile, whatever they are, I want to see them delivered.

I want to see them free. But these people who have done such horrible things over the years and who, right now, are plotting such horrible deeds against Gentiles and others, I hope they get what they deserve.

I hope they do and I hope maybe Trump could be the instrument of it. The fact that Wikipedia opens with this phrase says enough about how far out he can be. Attempt to make sense of that at your own risk.

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