Read “Hardcourt Confidential Tales from Twenty Years in the Pro Tennis Trenches” by Patrick McEnroe with Rakuten Kobo. An entertaining and unfiltered look. I have been reading the new Patrick McEnroe/Peter Bodo book. I like it though it’s not as “confidential” (that’s in the title, “Hardcourt. In “Hardcourt Confidential,” Patrick McEnroe tells what the world of tennis is like, on and off the court. Read an excerpt of the book below, and.

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Jakob and I had no illusions about what we were in for that day, because just hours before the doubles final, Jakob had beaten John in a thrilling five-set singles final.

I knew Serena wasn’t at death’s door, and was certain she’d make her photo shoot. So in some of those cases you kind of wish they named names. No one has been willing to do a book that pulls back the curtain and presents an honest, no-holds-barred look into the ultimate gentleman’s sport and the larger-than-life personalities that inhabit it. Watch Nadal and you’ll see that he’s exceptional at hitting a great, hard shot while harcourt backward.

Those who follow Davis Cup tennis will like his tales of being USA team captain, and there are some nice insights on his brother cnofidential the world of top-level tennis. Patrick McEnroe seems like such a nice guy!

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Hardcourt confidential

He does get into growing up with John a little bit and there are some funny moments like John watching Patrick practice cross-court drills with Palmer and asking what the hell are you doing that for? He declared that he wanted to play doubles with me in the big Paris Indoors tournament in early November.

We had some success as a team, and we both had been coached at different times by Gunther Bresnick. I had already backed out of one such commitment earlier in the tournament, owing to my obligations as a commentator.


Serena Williams, taking umbrage at a foot fault called against her while match point down, went medieval on the foot-fault judge whose main job is to call the baseline at her end. John was livid; this guy Galby he might have been thinking of me, too, for all I knowwho from a talent standpoint shouldn’t even have been on the same court, had put up a W at his expense.

Patrick is nothing but a racist!!!

Which player is as much of a diva off the court as on? But I’m still waiting for the incident in which a male player gets off lightly for physically menacing and threatening an official; there’s an order of magnitude issue here, and it was discouraging to see Serena reach for that sexist card.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. When you’re playing in a circle, you need to decide if you’re on defense or offense, if you ought to play high or low over the net, if you’re better off volleying short, or punching the ball deep.

It was just her life, and he’d fallen in love and started a family with her.

After a few moments, he called me back to the baseline where he stood. At this point, Serena still isn’t really tuned confidenrial to the power she could wield. Jose makes the player run up, or go back. Sep 14, Margy rated it it was amazing. I’m not saying I would have won it had I been playing without inhibitions.

John always played to win, and there’s a beautiful kind of integrity in that—it’s honest. But on that occasion he didn’t sulk. Bob Babbitt, foreword Jim Lampley Failed GOP candidate known for ‘deportation bus’ charged with insurance fraud. He took no joy out of beating me, even if he refused to let up.

For my part, I learned to tell early on whether people judged or related to me as John McEnroe’s brother rather than as an individual who happened confidentoal be a brother of tennis’s most notorious hellion.

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How important is Patrick McEnroe’s “Hardcourt Confidential?” ·

Furthermore, ESPN was aware that some of us in tennis wear multiple hats, but they didn’t want one of their people out there if the confidentiwl questions were not going to be asked. I couldn’t blame Mary Jo; if it had been Andy Roddick confidebtial the midst of a similar mess, I would have felt equal reluctance.


If you look up the last singles title John won on the main tour you’ll see it was in Chicago, in February ofand the guy he beat, 6—4, in the third was me. John was near the end of his career, and I was playing as well as ever.

The title should be at least 4 characters long. But I wasn’t buying it. Our Day return guarantee still applies. Kim Jong Un expected to ring in with big policy speech. Feb 17, Sarah rated it liked it. Game, set, match, Hlasek and Patrick McEnroe. What makes Biblio different? If you don’t want to play, say so. When I got the job as head of player development for the USTA in the spring ofJose was the first man I wanted to call and the last one I did call after interviewing other candidates and half-a-dozen long talks with Jose himself.

Despite that, if you are a tennis fanatic like me, this is definitely worth reading. I wrote Jill an email and said Serena certainly didn’t look very hurt to me. And, does PMac get a foreign publisher buying this book? The wisdom of Jim’s decision was manifest in the French Open final of Jill agreed, and Mike went with Serena. Why certain tennis prodigies burned out early? We went all the way to the final, where we won the first set easily and broke our opponents in the second.

I thought he was a son of a bitch but he could be really friendly, too. Galby basically had one serve—he’d kind of slide the ball into your body.

Finally, some semblance of order was restored.