In the Conversion Guide, you learn detailed information about converting from version 6 of The “The Raiser’s Edge 6 Post Conversion Utility” on page Now I know Dreamweaver, but I sure wish I’d had a guide to help me over .. visit and click on the Resources tab. GL2DW to assist you in converting a GoLive site to Dreamweaver. . In our latest buying guide we’ve selected some cameras that while.

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Migrating from Adobe GoLive to Dreamweaver: Mac Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review

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I’m still running GoLive CS. I’ve purchased CS3 web premium and am willing to make the move to Dreamweaver. Will the extension work from CS as well? I have the same question Show 0 Likes 0. This content has been marked as final.

GL2DW Migration Extension | Adobe Community

I need to clarify on two quick things. You might as well want to post a question about your situation at GoLive gl2dd, I am pretty sure that someone over there will help convesion you to the right source of information and tip for that matter. Also, you might as well want to write a feature feedback to Adobe GoLive development team about this feature to be avaliable for all GoLive regardless of what versions. Hope that helps, no? Migrating to Dreamweaver CS3.


Migrating from Adobe GoLive to Dreamweaver

That’s the heart of the question, since the docs for this extension only talk about migrating from GoLive CS2. And I posted this on the GoLive forum last week and got no response. That’s why I’m here, alas Have you try to send your feature feedback in direct to GoLive development team about your issue, no? Say Bo, Following up with you about feature wishlist request about your concern, use this email address below: I believe that Mr.

Pratt and the other individual that he usually works with for years for the cause of GoLive community. Pratt is very involved with many aspect of Adobe products for years. I think I must have lost his email address, but I know I have it somewhere at my residence. I don’t think Mr.

Pratt would appreciate me having to include his email address here in public. Conversoin, if you have not heard anything from Adobe Gl 9 development team, let me me know. I will find a way to contact someone at Adobe. If you prefer, you can private message me with your email, then I will see what I can do from that point.


Other than that, I don’t want other people think that I am Adobe employee, just loyal, diehard Adobe and formerly Macromedia customer for years and as participant for some few years. Anyway, hope that helps.

Tutorial Downloads .com

You may not even need the extension, honestly. If you create a DW site that points into the root folder for your DW site, you will be able to open and edit the files.

I have not used the convrrsion, so I cannot say for sure what it does, but I suspect it de-convolutes the GL site file into a DW site which you would have already done aboveand it may also help with GL components and smart objects. You can always see what happens without it, you know? DW expects you to bring a fair understanding of these with you Do some bit of looking around and learn more about Dreamweaver’s self-help help.

Say Bo, Here is what I just learned tonight. Thought this be of an interest to you and some other participants as well. Hope this helps coonversion time around.

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