The First Swords: The Book of Swords Volumes 1, 2, & 3 [Fred Saberhagen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fred Saberhagen’s Book of. The Complete Book of Swords (Omnibus, Volumes 1, 2, 3) [Fred Saberhagen, Duncan Eagleson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. First Book of Swords [Fred Saberhagen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For a game, the gods have given the world 12 Swords of Power .

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It can be used to accelerate healing, and dispel the effects of alcohol and drugs. Ill named omnibus of first three books of swords. Even sheathed, the Sword has the ability to ensure that its wielder winds up in an advantageous position, even going so far as to cause misfortune to those who wish them harm. They can take on various forms and appearances, but their natural form is a free floating, possibly radioactive, cloud.

Want xaberhagen Read saving….

I find that while this first volume is tremendously engrossing I am at a loss to quote the specifics of that pull. The emperor had so much potential, as did many of the other side characters, but it didn’t save the book.

Effectively there are two tales being told. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Maybe it’s because the series is supposed to be about the swords and not people.

Security is so absolute that only two or three people at one time ever know its location, and Blue Temple recruits that are used to bring new loot to the Vault are executed immediately on site after their delivery is complete. Long roads the Sword of Fury makes Hard walls it builds around the soft The fighter who Townsaver takes Can bid farewell to home and croft. Suggested by my closest in age brother a long time ago.

However, saberhagenn swords are more powerful than the gods realize, and soon they are in danger from their own creation. I heartily recommend these books if you like fantasy or science fiction. In short, good idea, mediocore execution. Saberhagen isn’t a bad writer either, although I will really need to revisit with an adult eye now.


Mar 15, Angie rated it did not like it.

Books of Swords

However, don’t expect to be blown away. He traditionally wears black cloaks over stylized armor. Saberhagen was born in and grew up in the area of Chicago, Illinois.

In the end, though, this is a fine book, a fun read, a saberhagsn fantasy. And now having completed the task of reading these stories I am glad to say that I can now understand his eagerness to return to this world.

And townsaver, whose power can only be used while defending the weak, but makes you invincible in combat while you are doing so, though wounds you suffer in battle will only affect you afterword.

I found myself flashing back to that moment as a kid where I was fascinated by the magical swords Dec 17, Emily Nudge added it.

The series spans several decades and features dozens of characters. I had bought the original Book of Swords books from a library book sale way back in the day and read them and enjoyed them in that they were fun and feature magic swords and a strange setting and Roman gods and a number of other things, and then I had found those first three books collected in a single hard cover not too long ago again at a library book sale.

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The Blade sabeghagen to have another lesser property as well. Still, it’s a fun set of books, and I recommend them. Pace picked up well enough at the end to make me want to read the second book. Wounds made from its frdd fester, preventing healing and possibly leading to fever and delirium. The gods decide to devise a Game of great fun: Its central theme revolves around saberhage magical Swords forged by the gods, each endowed with a particular power or gift, and how various people acquire and use them.

The gods are getting bored with humanity’s peace—because I guess there’s only so many fun things you can do when you’re immortal—so they decide to stir the pot and spice things up a bit by forging sswords magical swords with extraordinary powers, and scattering them all over the world. The Sword of Stealth is given to One lonely and despised.


This is another book that I read young enough that I can’t be really objective about it. From the ordinary human queens and kings to the extraordinary Gods, so similar to our own mythology, to the mysterious Emperor and Beast Lord, Saberhagen crafts a wide range of characters that allow him grand scope for building his own as yet undetailed mythology and as yet undetailed post-apocalyptic return to magic and middle-ages technology.

A person with Imperial blood flowing in their veins may banish demons rfed giving a command in his name. Farslayer’s major drawback is the fact that, once used, it will remain impaled in the body of the target.

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So much that should have been written was not and insteasd was filled with mindless dribble. I really want to read about the people who own these swords and what they can do, instead I have to settle for a page book revolving around a few characters making a trip. I only hope one day someone makes a movie series out of it!

By escaping into the future, Wood is no longer human; it is the magical price he pays to survive. Unfortunately while Townsaver can allow a single man to defeat an entire army, it does nothing to prevent injury to the wielder. Most reputable citizens publicly repudiate the goings on at the Red Temple. He married fellow writer Joan Spicci in So I take this to mean that I do have more to look forward to in this series down the road and that I should keep my eye out whenever I happen to be in a book browsing mood.