Watergate by Fred Emery – Featuring a new afterword, this fast-paced, clear, comprehensive account of the Watergate scandal contains new information about. Watergate is a documentary series co-produced by the BBC and Discovery, broadcast in It was based on the book Watergate: The Corruption and Fall of Richard Nixon, by Fred Emery. Here is the definitive history of the Watergate scandal—based on the most recently In this fast-paced, hard-hitting narrative, Fred Emery illuminates as never.

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Senate election, California gubernatorial election, Republican Party presidential primaries, Republican National Conventions, Nixon Presidential campaign, United States emeru elections, debates Emery occasionally get lost in the thicket of names, dates, and conflicting accounts, taking the reader with him. This work dives into a detailed history of the crime, how it was done, who paid for it, and then also covers the criminal trials and political events. From the outset of his tenure in the White House, Nixon was obsessed with the fear of being a one-term president.

Excellent overview of the Watergate conspiracy starting from the very beginning and moving deftly through the notorious pre-planning stages of C.

Preview — Watergate by Fred Emery. To ask other readers questions about Watergateplease sign up. I think along with this book and All the President’s Men, I have a much better understanding of history of Watergate. Massacre 29 May 5. Apr 12, Meredith rated it really liked it Shelves: No eBook available SimonandSchuster. Also who was on the Enemies List, etc.


The t This book is a good history of the events that became known as Watergate. This book is definatley for advanced readers.

A Procrastination Too Far. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Watergate by Fred Emery | : Books

But there was Segretti and the Pee-In and tred LSD in somebody’s drink to discredit them–not to mention the houseboat full of hookers. But it’s still a marvelously lucid and readable take on the Greatest Story Ever Told.

Sep 10, Nathan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. Featuring a new afterword, this fast-paced, clear, comprehensive account of the Watergate scandal contains new information about the scandal and probes the deep flaws of character that led to it. An excellent non-fiction tale of the Watergate Scandal, ideal for anyone who wants a emert rounded view of the whole scandal without the ‘outrage’ of ‘Woodstein’ and their ilk!!!

Views Read Edit View history. It an an extremely useful resource because it gives you a clear understanding of everyone who is mentioned in the book.

This effort took added urgency with wategrate release of what were called the Pentagon Papers.

Watergate: The Corruption of American Politics and the Fall of Richard Nixon by Fred Emery

I’m left knowing, as I’ve always known, that we don’t and won’t have candidates worthy of the task and that there really are no public servants, just vary This book left me sad, disillusioned, and wondering where the line is between fact and fiction in this version of Watergate.


Even the speech resigning as president was not truthful. It does a good job of presenting both facts and glimpses into Nixon’s psyche as the scandal brings his Presidency crumbling around his ears.

Wayergate what makes Watergate so fascinating: I actually stopped around page and started over, but made my own silly flow chart emefy who worked for who and their titles and it made things much clearer.


As the 20th anniversary of Richard Nixon’s fall wateegate tarnishing of the presidential image approaches, Emery provides an intricate, meticulously researched narrative that wayergate heavily on interviews Sign up and get a free eBook! Emery really cuts through the weeds that had grown up around the whole subject, due to the mountain of sensationalistic accounts and self-serving memoirs that existed.

Apr 26, Dan Cohen rated it liked it Shelves: Lengthy, boring if you’re not interested in the subject material, but fascinating if you are. Laurence Harrington rated it it was amazing Jul 22, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.