The sequel to Faulkner’s most sensational novel Sanctuary, was written Told partly in prose, partly in play form, Requiem for a Nun is a. ‘The past is never dead. It’s not even past.’ Nancy, a black nursemaid, is about to be hanged for killing her mistress’s baby. The mother, Temple Drake, knows the. Switching between narrative prose and play script, this is Faulkner’s haunting sequel to his earlier bestseller, Sanctuary. Read more.

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The following review has been copied from http: Several months later, a week before Nancy’s scheduled execution, Temple returns to Jefferson and contacts Gavin. Her air is brittle and afulkner.

Open Preview See a Problem? It is constructed in two ways – as a novel and as a play. This is an easier novel of his to follow and appreciate, but it is still fairly challenging. Lawyer Gavin Stevens would look and sound good on film. Requiem for a Nun is a fau,kner of fiction written by William Faulkner which was first published nuun Published May 12th by Vintage first published The only way we can find redemption for the acts we commit is to recognize those repercussions and suffer for them, though the law does not make us responsible for those acts.

Requiem For A Nun

That would only serve to spoil a future reader’s enjoyment. I did thoroughly enjoy this one, dialogue is in the form of a play, with a few visual prompts for scene and setting. Critics also found some aspects of the story to be implausible, unreal, and out of step with contemporary attitudes, particularly the characterization of Nancy as self-sacrificing and the motivation for her killing of Temple’s baby.


His family was rooted in local history: Mistinguette too, invincibly possessed of a half-century more of years than the mere three score or so she bragged and boasted, for you to choose among, which one she was,—not might have been, nor even could have been, but was: This model is incredibly effective.

She in fact enjoys what she did in the previous book and in one of the few passages in all of Faulkner’s work to directly reference religion, both Nancy the accused murderess and Temple muse on why God a Interspersing typically Faulknerian stretches of prose told in three Acts, the prose sections are all one sentence lasting anywhere from pages – yes, one sentence with dramatic sections written for the stage, this sequel to Sanctuary focuses on the consequences of Temple Drake’s actions.

I needed a calculator to understand some sentences. Is she cloistered by her past, living apart from society, from secular life?

Requiem for a Nun

I, unlike so many, do not view Temple as an evil person. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The book intersperses a long rambling history of the imaginary county in Mississippi that is the setting for many of Faulkner’s novels, with a play regarding the exploits of the protagonist from ‘Sanctuary’ eight years later.

In an attempt to save her, Temple goes to see the judge to confess her own guilt. Temple found herself attracted to Pete and planned not only to requie him a large sum of money, but also to elope with him.


Requiem For A Nun : Faulkner, William : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

With the narrative sections, for much of the time I felt that I was reading a parody of Faulkner’s writing style. The chapters at time degenerate into near-Faulkner parody long sentences, words not in Kindle dictionarybut still gripping reading to me, and preferable, in my opinion, to the play.

Nancy, a black nursemaid, is about to be hanged for killing her mistress’s baby. The Story of Temple Drake Sanctuary A sequel of sorts to Sanctuary, Faulkner has written a play in which is sandwiched three longish chapters of the history of the town of Jefferson and the State. National Nub Award Finalist for Fiction After being rescued, Temple falsely accused another man, Goodwin, of being her rapist, causing Goodwin to be lynched by an angry mob.

Fingers crossed, either way. But the themes are dark and deep, and touch on the eternal.

Married to Gowan, she can never hope to escape that requeim Trivia About Requiem for a Nun. Faulkner was influenced by the european modernism, and employed the Stream of consciousness in several of his novels.

Also, I murdered Temple’s baby because sometime you have to kill an infant so that a wife can be forced to stay with her husband and not run off like some slattern!