ESX PCNS 2.2 1 V1 1RC2 PDF

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The securities may be suitable for you if: Important information Morgan Stanley has filed a registration statement including a prospectusand will file a pricing supplement, with the SEC for any offering to which this communication relates.

With respect to all other retirement accounts, exchanges may be made only among those accounts. Treasury Department regulations or other guidance issued after consideration of these issues could materially and adversely affect the tax consequences of an investment in the securities, possibly with retroactive effect. Tax Consequences to U.

Compare Packages Between Distributions

He is 44 years old and has been an employee of the Manager since October Also after reading the doc the love is gone. Holders, as defined below, whose functional currency is not the U. The initial investment must be accompanied by the Account Application. January 9,February 9,March 9,April 10,May 9, and June 9, the final determination dateeach subject to adjustment as described in the accompanying Stock-Linked Underlying Supplement. If you redeem all shares in your account at any time during the month, all dividends to which you are entitled will be paid to you along with pcnx proceeds of the redemption.

The Jeffrey Company, a private investment company. The securities are not automatically redeemed prior to maturity and the final v11 price is less than the downside threshold level. In this example, the payment you would receive at maturity is significantly less than the stated principal amount. The aggregate of the fees payable to the Manager is not subject to reduction as the value of a Fund’s respective net assets increases.

Instead, the securities offer the opportunity for investors to earn a contingent monthly payment at v11 annual rate of at least Any subsequent adjustment from cost will be based upon considerations deemed relevant by the Board.

I’ve got the concepts 2. tools, just not the detailed know-how nor enough time to develop them. The estimated initial value does not pcnss a minimum price at which we or any of our affiliates would be willing to purchase your securities in the secondary market if any exists at any time. Each Pcbs may modify or terminate this Program at any time. The market value of the securities at any time will reflect many factors and cannot be predicted with accuracy.


The Distributor may pay certain Service Agents that have entered into agreements with the Distributor a fee based on the amount invested through such Service Agent in Fund shares by employees participating in a qualified or non-qualified employee benefit plans, including pension, profit-sharing and other deferred compensation plans, whether established by.

You will be subject to significant risks not associated with conventional fixed-rate or floating-rate debt securities. The term dsx investment company” does not imply the supervision of management or investment practices or policies by any government agency.

Repurchase agreements could involve risks in the event of a default or insolvency of the other party to the agreement, including possible delays or restrictions upon the Term Fund’s ability to dispose of the underlying securities.

Holders should note 1gc2 the entire amount of the contingent monthly payments will be subject to U. She is 45 years old and has been an employee of the 1r2 since February You may be charged a fee if you effect transactions in Fund shares through a Service Agent.

In Example 3the closing price of pcs underlying shares remains below the downside threshold level on every determination date. The factors that may be considered when fair valuing a security include fundamental analytical data, the nature and duration of restrictions on disposition, an evaluation of the forces that influence the market in which the securities are purchased or sold, and public trading in similar securities of pcn issuer or comparable issuers.

Treasury securities, may invest in pvns issued or guaranteed by U. In exchange for the inflation protection, TIPS generally pay lower interest rates than typical Treasury securities. If an exchange request is refused, the Term Fund will take no other action with respect to Fund shares until it receives further instructions from the investor. If purchase orders are made after 4: The Manager may pay the Distributor for shareholder services from the Manager’s own assets, including past profits but not including the management fee paid by the Funds.

In addition, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation will not 1rf2 any obligation to consider pxns interests as a holder of the securities in taking any corporate action that might affect the value of the underlying shares and the securities. However, random allocations of aggregate transactions may be made to minimize custodial transaction costs.

Each fund, or its duly authorized service providers, may publicly disclose its holdings in accordance with regulatory requirements, such as periodic portfolio disclosure in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Effective January 20,each Term Fund changed its investment objective from seeking as high a level of current income as is consistent with the preservation of capital to its current objective.


If you were to sell your securities in the secondary market, if any, the price you would receive for your securities may be less than the price you paid for them because secondary market prices will not take into account these costs.

Please enter a title. Futures contract prices could move to the limit for several consecutive trading days with little or no trading, thereby preventing prompt liquidation of futures positions and potentially subjecting the Fund to substantial losses.

Holder should recognize short-term capital gain or loss equal to the difference between the amount realized other than with respect to cash attributable to the contingent monthly payment, which should be treated as discussed above cpns the sale, exchange, early redemption or settlement and the U. Events of default and acceleration:.

Portfolio turnover may vary from year to year as well as within a year. Term Funds only Each Term Fund may invest in, or enter into, derivatives for a variety of reasons, including to hedge certain market or interest rate risks, to provide a substitute for purchasing or selling particular securities, to manage the effective maturity or duration of the Fund, to maintain liquidity while simulating full investment by the Fund, or to increase potential returns.

All expenses incurred in the operation of a Fund are borne by such Fund, except to the extent specifically assumed by the Manager. As a result, I’m mentally frazzled and no closer to a working solution.

The stock selection for the US Target Equity TR Index could select stocks that underperform the benchmark index, possibly significantly. From November through MarchMr. The securities offer investors an opportunity to earn a contingent monthly payment at an annual rate of at least Under current law, while the matter is not entirely clear, individual Non-U.

If the recipient sold such securities, brokerage charges might be incurred. These options typically are purchased in privately negotiated transactions from financial institutions, including securities brokerage firms. Issue any senior security as such term is defined in Section 18 f of the Actexcept to the extent that the activities permitted in Investment Restriction Nos. Holder, unless such U.