Download pdf book by Isaac Asimov – Free eBooks. Publication: Cuentos completos I Publication Record # ; Author: Isaac Asimov; Date: ; ISBN: Author: Isaac Asimov Author Record # 5; Legal Name: Asimov, Isaac Translation: Le plaisantin [French] (); Translation: El chistoso [Spanish] ( ).

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Cuentos completos I by Isaac Asimov. Los cuentos incluidos en este volumen son: La trompeta del juicio final. Los sufrimientos del autor. Profes Los cuentos incluidos en este volumen son: Estoy en Puerto Marte sin Hilda.

Todos los males del mundo. Mi nombre se escribe con “s”. Insertar la pieza A en el espacio B. Published by Ediciones B first published January 1st The Complete Stories 1. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Cuentos completos Iplease sign up. Hi James love the rating! I haven’t read a book in years but just about to issac in an effort to slow down.

Nicola They say my question needs to contain a question mark. PF, que demonios es ese rollo de los poemas dedicados a WS Gilbert? See 2 questions about Cuentos completos I…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. It’s funny reading vintage sci-fi – there’s an element of fantasy and religion that you don’t get in the modern stuff, like the short short about the A bomb that feature fhistoso cameo.

Women tend to be motivated by romance – Dr Susan Calvin being a notable exception. I read and reread this for years, and I haven’t picked it up for well over a decade. Doing that now made me re-evaluate it a bit.

Isaac Asimov will always be a name to conjure with, particularly when it comes to stories about robots, bu It’s funny asimof vintage sci-fi – there’s an element of cchistoso and religion that you don’t get in sl modern stuff, like the short short about the A bomb that feature the cameo. Isaac Asimov will always be a name to conjure with, particularly when it comes to stories about robots, but I think now that it’s something one outgrows a bit.

Chistowo volume of his collected short stories. Some were chistlso previous collections. In Fact, some Profession [] were ksaac badly written, so seemingly thrown together on the typewriter and not proofed afterthat if the author had remained withheld, I would not have guessed said author would have been the great Isaac Asimov. Of course, there are three main reasons why Asimov cannot retain his greatness of stature as the once Master of Science Fiction which many of these ’70s collections of his referred to him as in the modern world of science fiction.

Chistosk, many of his stories are necessarily dated now, such as the several Multivac stories contained herein Franchise [], Jokester [], All the Troubles of the World []those which include the use of advanced machines since superceded like the hand-held analogue calculators – with milled edges – in The Feeling of Power []; isasc microfilm.

As well as now defunct theories and rivalries: Secondly, few of these stories concern actual space fiction, or space opera, which forms the core of Asimov’s greatest Empire series, Foundation that we are now used to with our generation’s batch of highly imaginative sci-fi writers Banks, Hamilton Finally, Asimov’s stories characteristically lack any psychological profundity. The Gentle Vultures [] reminds me of Iain Banks’s State of the Art [], but compare the depth of characterisation and the discursive nature of isaxc psychology of the culture being observed between the two similar stories and Banks wins by light-months.


Banks also manages to weave in a great deal of background of his visiting civilisation and their customs, wit and humour, advancement, civilisational standing, arrogance and failings, while still keying his story on the social and psychological differences between the cultures in a significantly more sophisticated manner than Asimov – who is attempting the same thing here.

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So by comparison with the modern generation of science fiction writers, Asimov’s stories can seem like cardboard cut-outs beneath the vivid later models. Nevertheless, you don’t give up on an Asimov story, collection, iaaac novel – at least, I never have. There is always something to get from them, usually an affectionate sense of humour.

Sometimes, as with Spell My Name With An S [], a short story will necessarily remind you of one of his best novels, here, of The Gods Themselves, an outstanding story, concept and structure. True, he may easily be criticised for being simplistically sexist in the main I’m In Marsport Without Hilda []and he may base many of his Earth-bound tales on a shallow pastiche of the ’50s American nuclear family wife at home or a secretary, 1.

And if you want a smart female revenge story against all those grumpy, dismissive, smart-alec ’50s patriarch-manager types, try Obituary in Asimov’s Mysteries []. That might set the account straight. Isaac Asimov is obviously one of the most popular Science Fiction writers of all times. He wrote over books in chisstoso course of his life, from the s to the isaacc. For over pages, the book is a fairly quick read.

The stories are typically themed around the troubles of the times s. The s saw the growth of television, atomic energy, the hydrogen bomb, rocket Isaac Asimov is obviously one of the most popular Science Fiction writers of all times. The s saw the growth of television, atomic energy, the hydrogen bomb, rocketry, computers and other new forms asomov electronics.

The stories involve chistlso themes as he probes into “what-if” scenarios. Being his earliest works, he had not yet reached chistozo potential as a writer.

As such, some of the stories are choppy. Also, in many ways they are dated. For example, many of the stories involve a type of computer he calls a “Megavac”. At the time, computers who enormous, heavy objects that cost lots of money.

La Última pregunta y otros cuentos – Isaac Asimov – Google Books

What he foresaw was the growth of the computer in size as it increased in complexity. Megavac is completely underground, is miles and miles long, and pretty much runs the world. A variety of people manually enter information into Megavac, who processes the data, and spits out answers on IBM cards. These cards need to be interpreted or translated by specially trained people.

This is a far cry from the miniaturization and improved communications we see today. In one story, he did explore the idea of a smaller computer, but this was not carried on in any of the other short stories in the book. If you are a fan on Asimov, your reading is not complete without understanding his early work.


Understand, though, this is only the first volume of three. I have not yet purchased any of the others, and plan to wait and get through some different books in other genres before returning to Asimov. Anthologies are always hard. Some of the stories were great, and some were grating. I’m glad I read this first volume and will read the others someday as well. Mainly because I want to know the foundation of scifi and understand when people build on Asimov’s ideas and reference his work in their own.

Because while an idea may be new to me, it doesn’t mean it was new to the author and I’d like to see behind the curtain. Random things I noticed that date the stories very strongly: Overall, I repeat myself- Asimov was a brilliant ideas man who didn’t have anybody to make his writing less rigid or his characters less middle aged white men.

I’m glad he was able to convey his ideas so scifi could reach its current state Apr 01, Mateo R. Los peorcitos culpables de tirar el puntaje abajo: The stories are definitely out-dated.

In fact, if I were the easily offended type, I would throw this book out. I would never do that to a book, especially asomov library book. I know this was supposed to be science fiction but in some places it was more of a comedy.

It was jarring reading the descriptions of computers or the thoughts of the characters in regards to some social situation.

Cuentos completos I

I suppose it wasn’t all bad. It simply reflects the past a bit too closely even though the setting is The stories are definitely out-dated. It simply reflects the past a bit too closely even though the setting is supposed to be the future.

It’s hard to rate an entire book of short stories, but I enjoyed most of them. The lack of diversity in characters especially women bothered me but a lot of them were written in the 50’s and 60’s so I can let that slide I suppose he can use his amazing imagination to create these incredible complex technologies in the future but a woman’s main job is STILL to stay at home and look after the children despite it being the year In particular, read “The Last Question”.

It’s available online and is, in his own words, Isaac Asimov’s favourite short story.

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If you like isac something that can still surprise you and stick with you long after you read it, then have a look. It’s available online here: The title given for this is wrong. It is Complete stories, volume 1 of 3 early Asimov from the 50’s. It includes all contents of three separate collections one of which I have read before, Nightfall and other stories. I’m very fond of Mr.