Die Stadt Der Traumenden Bucher [Walter Moers] on Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) and millions of other books. Start reading Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Roman (German Edition) on your to “Traumenden Buecher” and I would recommend reading “Blaubaer” first. Die Stadt der Träumenden Bücher: Zamonien 4 (Audio Download): uk: Dirk Bach, Walter Moers, HörbucHHamburg HHV GmbH: Books.

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The City of Buwcher Books also contains fictional words, found in most of Moers’ work. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

The City of Dreaming Books (Zamonia, #4) by Walter Moers

This review will be probably more a declaration of love than a review to be honest. So I am waiting for the second part and hope the ‘whole’ book can get better grades. Wenn ja, lieber Herr Moers, ich habe es schon anderen Buechef krumm genommen, dass sie ein ganzes Buch als Exposition verwenden.

Refresh and try again.

Eine meiner Lieblingsszenen betrifft das so genannte “Ormen”. Story and Setting Optimus Yarnspinner comes from a city of authors and travels tsadt Bookholm, a city of bookshops, trying to trace the author of the most perfectly written piece of writing he has ever encountered.

Wandering out, he falls victim to a Spinxxx, a spider -like monster, but is rescued by a Bookhunter one of the murderous mercenaries who explore the catacombs in search of ancient bookswho thereafter tries to eat Yarnspinner, but is killed by an unknown force. I read the original German version when it was published – I loved it very much.


The City of Dreaming Books

And he is not sure when it’s done. I hope the second book can even out the flaws of the first one. Weil es ein zweites Teil geben sollte kann ich ja nur hoffen dass dies dem Fall ist, aber ich frage mich wieso dieses erstes Teil geschrieben worden ist.

I got really excited with how this book started. Weird Words and Ideas A random collection of some of my favourite words and ideas: The writing is also amazing. Additionally approximately one third of the book is just a recapitulation of the first book he joins a theater play about the story of the first book Nov 06, Sophie rated it it was ok Shelves: It was okay but it could have been so, so, so much better.

Dann wird es endlich traeumende spannend und es passiert was und das Buch ist zu Ende. Dtadt das Ding wirklich ein Zweiteiler? This story is also highly recommended for anyone who loves to write.

These points may not be faults of the book, but rather of my not being the perfect match for the book. I discovered that “City of Dreaming Books” was not a good book to go off to dreamland with, let me tell you!

Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher

Bookholm turns out to be a dangerous place, especially once he enters the enormous laryrinthian catacombs under the city. I often think of looking for a good Puppet theater to donate them to since we have not used them since the kids my little.


Then i wanted to set something on fire. Er bekommt einen Brief der ihm wieder nach Buchhaim gelockt und aus seinem Lethargie geweckt. If I was going to try and describe the world of Zamonia it would probably be, think the magical weirdness of Catherynne M.

It’s the story of a dinosaur who goes to a city where everything, and I mean everything, has to do with books. Do you love reading?

Das Labyrinth der Träumenden Bücher by Walter Moers

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Did I fail to mention that books are revered in Zamonia? I even filled 5 pages of my diary with quotes of this book, really. View all 17 comments.

This book really, really is amazing and I would recommend it to every single one of you. The recurring characters make you want to reread the other books after finishing one, because you discover something new every time, and want to match the new information with everything else you know.

The story takes place in Bookholm, a land where books and authors are trauemenden above everything else.