The Coolsat Platinum FTA receiver needs up-to-date software to stay in touch with the necessary satellites that broadcast the FTA channels. FTA or. Find great deals on eBay for coolsat manual. DREAMLINK T4 T5 LITE COOLSAT HD KBOX Remote Control w/Batteries. Coolsat Manual. Here is a little manual I created from various forums. Hope you like it! Attached Thumbnails. Ya Can’t Play with a Broken.

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To Turn off the feature: Disconnect the RS cable from the back of the receiver and turn it back on. You can click on the Auto Detect Button to verify Comm. An RS port is located on the rear of the Coolsat Platinum to allow users to program the receiver coolsatt the latest software.

Coolsat 5000 Platinum FTA Digital Satellite Receiver Silver Remote Working

Feb 27, Jensen Remote Coolzat. All you need to do is click on the Browse Button to open the Open Window and locate the channel file you wish to mankal to the receiver. Screen Shot of Completed Channel List 26 Removing Duplicate Channels Before you start renaming and reordering channels you will need to delete all duplicate channels.

The program has under gone a number of revisions as the program has been expanded to provide support for many different channel formats including the. Be sure to trace your cables connections if you are unsure as to cable routing.

To update N2 Keys manually, you must have the Coolsat Super Bin or a subsequent bin flashed to your receiver to use this feature.


Coolsat Receiver Testing Manual |

The bin software now supports multi screen by pressing the Blue Button on the remote. Repeat the process by going to the next transponder you want to add by clicking on the green button, and continue for all transponders you wish to add until you have finished.

Subsequent to the release of the 1. Select satellite with left or right volume buttons to locate your satellite, when found, scroll down and set antenna settings using left or right volume buttons to make each selection all the way down the settings. Some of these options are as follows, with some brief comments and how to use them: Use channel up down, volume up and down to navigate through menu. These options are self explanatory and are shown on the following illustration.

The Coolsat has 8 categories or groups for saving favorite channels. The default channel list contains only Satellite and Transponder data with no channel data and supports the EPG recognition and Scan ability of the receiver. The tool by default will open in the software flash mode used to flash the bin file to the receiver.

Turn off receiver with rear reset button and disconnect RS Cable from your personal computer and unplug from wall outlet.

The future of continuing Coolsat support looks very maanual with an excellent and proven ability of the group to prepare files adapting to the requirements required to decrypt the N2 encryption. On several instances we have already seen Dish Network run two sets of active keys with keys targeted to specific channels.

Do not edit key line Ids. You will always need a password to access the Security Settings. The brightness, contrast and color of the on screen video display can now be adjusted via the remote by using the Yellow button located to the Left of the Multi Screen Blue button.


Use a null modem cable and connect the two units.

How to find Favorites: Turn off the Coolsat receiver and unplug coolsta from the power source. Since release of the Coolsat into the community we have seen the major providers convert from the N1 encryption to N2 encryption with an increase of bytes used in the key string going from 16 bytes to 32 bytes.

After editing, click OK and Exit will save the new information. As of the date of this revision to the manual, the Coolsat Plus has long been dropped from production and manusl on the market.

Be sure to use a Dishpro Channel List if using a custom channel list with this set up.

coolsatfordummies – kawarthadss

Marvin Level 3 Expert Answers. Screens can be displayed showing up to 9 different screens beginning at the channel you are currently tuned to and will run upwards showing consecutive channels from the channel you are tuned to.

Click “Add” to insert your video. Both Models use the same modified bins, however the Coolsat requires its own exclusive modified bin made for the Platinum Model. This manual is dedicated to all of those that share in the joy and fellowship of the testing hobby. This will open the Channel Coo,sat Window.