CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from s. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to. Visit 2. Use the Download Prowess IQ link on the right panel to download the Prowess IQ setup file. 3. Execute the downloaded. Prowess: Download ProwessIQ user interface (Client Software) for querying the Prowess database of financial performance of companies. You can install it on.

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Home Documents Prowess Resource Tutorial. Post on Jan views. Prowess is a database of the financial performance ofIndian companies. CMIE from essentially publicly available documents. It cov-ers listed companies, large and medium public lim-ited companies, government owned companies, someprivately held companies, some cooperatives and evensome business entities that are not companies.

Prowessis not a directory. It is a database of the financials ofcompanies. The Annual Report of the company is the most impor-tant source of the Prowess database. Prowess containsinformation relating to the finances of the company andratios based on these.

For listed companies, Prowessalso provides data sourced from the stock exchanges. This includes share prices, changes in capital structureand announcements made by the companies or prowsss theexchanges. Prowess also contains public informationreleased by the rating agencies, the prowesss websitesand the media. Prowess provides time-series data beginning The database is updated every day. The Prowess database is packaged into a software. Thissoftware and the database are installed on the userscomputer.

The software enables database access, pre-sentation of tabulations, plotting of charts and updationof the database. Prowess is designed to help users access informationfor individual companies. There are tools to searchcompanies in the database that match search-criteriaprovided by users.

Prowess presents several tabula-tions such as financial statements and charts includ-ing those of share prices. These presentations help theuser in quickly analysing the companies in the database. It is useful to understand the Prowess software as a sys-tem that undertakes two tasks for the user first, itsearches companies in the database, and secondly, itpresents information on companies in the form of tab-ulations and charts.

Each is explained a little more be-low: Prowess finds companies that satisfy conditionsset by the user. The condition could be as sim-ple as the name of the company the user is in-terested in. Or it could be a condition on finan-cial attributes such as size of profits or assets or much more. It could be a ratio defined by theuser a mathematical formula. Or, it could be asearch to find all companies belonging to a par-ticular industry or an ownership group.

Prowesshas several specially designed search tools to findcompanies from the database. This is the most powerful part of Prowess. It pro-vides tremendous flexibility to the user to prosess by using an intelligent interface. Prowess provides well-formatted tabulations ofthe financial statements, financial ratios, shareprices, and a lot more.

These tabulations are de-signed by CMIE analysts to help the user quicklyevaluate a companys performance during a year,or compared to its past performance, or comparedto the industry benchmarks or its peers. Prowessalso provides several plots that help the user un-derstand the companys performance.

The chart-plotting tool is interactive. There are ttorial dozen tabulations and charts. These collectively provide a fairly exhaustivepresentation of the performance of the com-pany as can be assessed from publicly availablesources. Prowess is a database that is made available for usethrough several means. The installation on the userscomputer is just one such medium to provide access. This is the tuforial method of enabling access and there-fore, it the Prowess database and the software is alsocalled Prowess.


Users can conduct a search for companies thatmatch a set of criteria.

Central Library IIT Bombay | CMIE Database

For example, one cansearch for all companies with a profit margin ofmore than five per cent. Prowess will display allcompanies with a profit margin of more than fiveper cent with their respective profit margin val-ues. The search could have been more complex: Prowess will find tutotial companies that meet sucha set of conditions and display their names withvalues of all the variables stated in the conditions.

The search for companies is a means of accessingthe database and asking precisely for the informa-tion you need. Users may have a much simpler demand on thedatabase. They may simply want to see the profitand loss statement of the company for the re-cent years.

While a profit and loss statement is asimple and well-understood construct to a persontrained in accounts, its precise composition is of-ten challenging for the non-accountant. Thingscan get a lot more complicated when there is aneed to see the liquidity ratios yutorial the workingcapital cycle ratios for companies.

Even a trainedaccountant would take some time and effort toconstruct such a tabulation from the raw data. Prowess helps by having several such tabulationsbuilt-in. Users can merely pick a tabulation andsee it at the click of a button. There is no needto define it every time you need to see it.

Prowess Resource Tutorial

Theoptions are available through a menu-list. Thetabulations and charts are created by analysts atCMIE. With this, if you need to look-up the financialstatements of ptowess company, you can do so easilyfrom a large list of options.

While both the functions described above seem obviousonce they are understood, it is important to appreciatethese two tasks so that Prowess is exploited maximally.

The first option of searching companies called theQuery Builder gives the user complete freedom tospecify the conditions of a search or the precise datathat is sought in the output. Prowess allows users tocreate their own ratios from the basic data if they sodesire, and use such user-defined ratios in the searchcriteria.

Thus, the search option is very versatile andpowerful. The trade-off is that using this power requires training.

Prowess comes packaged with several tools and func-tions. These are mostly available in the Query Buildersection. We strongly recommend that the user learnsthese and exploit the database fully. The tabulations and charts readily available in Prowessare the easier mcie of getting started with Prowess.

These tabulations and charts seen in Prowess as theReport Viewer and Charts Plotter embody a great dealof understanding of disclosure practices of companiesin India, years of experience in dealing with hundredsof thousands of Annual Reports and interim financialstatements of companies and, most importantly, an ex-pertise in analysing companies built over three decades.

The tabulations have been created by CMIEs analysts. They are designed to help the user quickly understandthe strengths and weaknesses of a company. The reportsare designed to help the user understand the companysperformance in great detail, in the context of its histor-ical performance, in the context of the performance ofits peers and in the context of the performance of itsindustry.


The two parts of Prowess the Query and the Reports compliment each other well. Query gives power to theuser and the Reports deliver sophisticated analysis.

There is a trade-off between an easy-to-use productand a powerful product. An easy-to-use product is onewhere all information is readily available in the mannerin which the user wants it. A powerful product gives theuser several handles to extract information in the man-ner desired. While the former has everything that ispossibly conceivable ready on a platter, the latter givesthe user the freedom to extract what is desired but itdoes not presume that it can pre-determine all the pos-sible requirements.

The choice between ease-of-use and power-in-use is notdiscrete. There is an entire spectrum of possibilities andCMIE offers several options on this spectrum. At one end of the spectrum is a world where the userhas access to all the underlying data of Prowess withno software development from CMIE.

Users can extractthe information from this raw data with the help of soft-ware engineers as desired. Such a datafeed is possible. CMIE does offer the raw data of Prowess too. This isavailable from www. In this setup,the user has complete freedom to develop software thatfocusses on cie its specific requirements. At the other end of the spectrum is a world where thedevelopers decide various views of the data and makethese available through a browser on the web. The webbrowser offers the easiest and most ubiquitous user-interface today.

CMIE makes the Prowess databaseavailable in this form in www. The Prowess desktop installation is an attempt to pro-vide the middle path that gives power to the userto access information and it also provides easy-to-use,ready-to-view reports and charts. Thus, the Prowessdesktop installation has the best of both worlds. The Prowess desktop installation is designed to assistthe professional analyst who would like to extract in-formation through a process of discovery.

We visualisesuch an analyst to be engaged tutorixl an intensive searchfor companies that meet certain conditions and to studythe various performance parameters of a company ingreat detail. In reality, this is never a straight-forwardproposition. For example, the search for value stocks isalmost like searching for the holy grail. The Prowess proposition is to help the professional an-alyst or the ardent student discover the companies thatare being sought without the need of professional soft-ware engineers but with as much power as a softwareengineer could bring to bear.

This is the power ofProwess. We expect the professional analyst to un-dergo some simple training possibly as much as ittakes to learn a little more than the basics of a spread-sheet. Once the user knows the basic tricks of runningProwess, the process of discovery becomes immenselyrewarding and enjoyable.

What has been described so far can be summarised tosay that Prowess has an intensive search system theQuery Builder that needs some training before it canbe used fruitfully, but once mastered, it is an extremelypowerful ally of the professional analyst. There is onemore element of Prowess that needs more than just alittle indulgence.