CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling CCXML Reference and Tutorial; VoiceGenie’s CCXML Tag Reference. CCXML – or Call Control XML – is the W3C standard markup language for controlling Aspect also provides a complete CCXML reference guide and tutorials. For additional support telephone numbers, see the Avaya Web site: http://support. 2 Avaya CCXML User Guide. August

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Figure 1 shows the architecture of a telephony implementation consisting of four primary components:. This attribute must not be specified in conjunction with the source attribute. On the following screen, select the platform type that you chose in Step 2 above.

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A description of the reason the dialog had an error. Note that this should not be taken to preclude platform-level optimizations or caching of resources that are fetched multiple times. If the value of bridge is ” true ” this will come in with a transfer type of ” bridge ” and if the value is ” ccxmo ” it will have a type of ” blind “. How self-driving tractors, AI, and precision agriculture will save us from the impending food crisis.

In particular, it is designed to facilitate prior compilation for execution in a lightweight environment. Single parameter values must be supported; multiple value parameters may be supported. Our editors highlight the TechRepublic articles, galleries, and videos that you absolutely cannot miss to stay current on the latest IT news, innovations, and tips.

Post a comment Email Article Print Article. The method of the message passing is up to the platform but it is assumed that there is some basic capacity in place. If the requested content was fetched successfully, and in the case of CCXML content, was successfully parsed and validated, a fetch. Sessions are only permitted to cancel their own delayed events; they may not cancel the delayed events of other sessions.


Properties of this event allow the cause of the disconnection to be determined.

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version 1.0

Note the platform is not required to generate the conference. For instance, it is legal for one CCXML session to unconditionally kill another session by sending a tutofial. A string in CSS2 format that specifies the maximum amount of time the transfer may stay connected. While any event name is possible, there is a small set of well-known events that are generated as a matter of course, and which any telephone application should handle.

In the picture below, the connections c1 and c2 are joined in a full duplex mode to the conference C1.

Note that it is not necessary for a session to share a conference by assigning it a name in order for other sessions to make use of that conference. We catch the event, log some properties resulting in the string ” 1, 2, 3, 4 “, and exit:.

The document is not willing to use stale tutorila, unless maxstale is also provided.

Voice Browser Call Control: CCXML Version

The event must also be sent to the target session to provide a notification. QuinStreet does not include all companies or all types of products available in the marketplace. Security issues may need to ttorial addressed by the implementation. If a delay is specified, the event is not delivered to the target CCXML session until the delay time has elapsed. This element MUST instruct the platform to allocate a Connection and attempt to place an outgoing call to a specified address.


Three values are legal for this attribute: An example of this would be: CCXML also provides a powerful and flexible method of creating multi-party calls. The following table shows the events that reflect the outcome of the connection-oriented elements defined by CCXML, for this reason the table omits the event generated by the underling ccxmp i. Application variables that are properties of the application object are not explicitly declared.

These events may be further categorized as follows:. This is discussed in Section Session initiation protocol [ RFC ]. The connection ID for the new connection is returned in the variable ” myConidVar “.

Connections c1 and c2 are connected with a half duplex bridge, connection 3 is not bridged at this point. A session does not end when a connection terminates. You can sign up for a Voxeo Tech Preview account at http: Join-related events including conference.

A tutorial on Call Control XML and voice browser call control

Two connections were merged successfully as requested by the application. If the event attribute is ccxmo, then the referenced event MUST be placed into the queue of the target session before other queued events from the event source are inserted.

Many of the tutorail environments in which a CCXML implementation may be expected to operate provide facilities by which two existing calls can be merged into a single call at the network level. W3C liabilitytrademark and document use rules apply. The value of the exit expr attribute.