for an overview of the Caterpillar series, see: Caterpillar The Caterpillar B is an off-highway, ultra class, two-axle, mechanical powertrain haul truck. T1 Conversion Kit® for. Cat® B, B, B VIMS Haul Trucks. Immersive Technologies’ T1 Conversion Kit provides the ultimate in training realism for. Search & compare CATERPILLAR B listings for the best deal. ‘s of CATERPILLAR B for sale from dealers, auctions and private inventories.

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The Caterpillar is a series of off-highwayultra classtwo- axlemechanical powertrain haul trucks developed and manufactured in the United States by Caterpillar Inc.

This was the first time CAD tools had been used extensively to design a Caterpillar truck. Caterpillar first unveiled a completed on September 29,at its assembly plant in Decatur, Illinois. The first two s produced were transported to Caterpillar’s Arizona proving grounds for testing.

In the second quarter ofthe third and fourth s produced were the first to be placed in service with a customer at the Caterpil,ar Canyon Mine caterpilllar Utah. Caterpillar put 18 additional s into service with mine operators worldwide as production development units. Caterpillar began marketing the in North America inwith full worldwide marketing following in The first generation serial number prefix is 5YW.

Caterpillar introduced the B in spring ofreplacing the first-generation The first B units entered service with customers in October, When Caterpillar began full production of the F in latethe F replaced the B. The Caterpillar series trucks employ mechanical drive powertrains in contrast to caterpillzr diesel-electric powertrains of similar haul trucks offered by competitors.

The series haul trucks are equipped with a rear- axle -mounted, computer -controlled, xaterpillar planetary transmission with a separate lock-up torque converter. Both transmission and torque converter use a common powertrain oil.

New & Used CATERPILLAR 793B Equipment & Machinery For Sale

Major components of the are manufactured and assembled at seven Caterpillar or supplier facilities located throughout North America, then shipped to the customer site for final assembly by Caterpillar technicians. The engine is manufactured by Caterpillar in Lafayette, Indianaand is then shipped to Caterpillar’s assembly plant in Decatur, Illinois. The transmission and torque converter are manufactured by Caterpillar in East Peoria, Illinoisand is then shipped to Caterpillar’s assembly plant in Decatur, Illinois.


The axle assemblies are manufactured by Caterpillar in Winston-Salem, North Carolinaand are shipped to the customer site. Each cab is assembled by one person and requires forty hours to complete.

The cab is shipped to the customer site. The dump body is composed of five components: The dump body is manufactured at Caterpillar Mexico in Monterrey, Mexico, and shipped in component form to the customer site where it is assembled and welded into a monolithic structure before being joined to the frame during final assembly.

The frame is created from nine individual metal castings manufactured by Amite Foundry and Machine, Inc. The rough castings are shipped to the Caterpillar Decatur, Illinois, assembly plant. At Caterpillar’s assembly plant in Decatur, Illinois, the frame is assembled and the powertrain is installed and tested.

The nine castings that compose the frame are machined to provide clean welding surfaces.

Immersive Technologies – Simulator for Cat B, B, B Haul Trucks

The castings are placed in a jig and are initially joined by human welders. The frame is moved to a second welding station for further welding by robots. The third and final welding stage is completed by human welders. To ensure quality, welds are tested using an ultrasonic flaw detector. After the frame assembly is completed, production workers attach hydraulic lines and electrical wiring to the frame before installing the engine and rear axle.

The engine, frame, axles and differential requires six to seven semi-trailer truck loads, the cab requires one semi-trailer load, the six tires require two semi-trailer loads and the dump body requires four semi-trailer loads. In total, one requires 12 to 13 semi-trailer truck loads that originate at various manufacturing facilities and deliver to the customer site. If a must be moved from one job site to another for any reason, it can not be driven on public roads due to its exceptional size and weight.

Moving a requires dis-assembly, loading onto semi-trailer trucks, transport and re-assembly at the new location. Final assembly of the is completed by Caterpillar field mechanics at or near the customer site.

Before the dump body can be joined to the frame, the dump body components must be assembled and welded together by a dedicated team, requiring seven to ten days caterpillat dump body. Final assembly of one requires a team of seven mechanics working in three shifts around the clock, for 20 days, in addition to the time required to assemble and weld the dump body.


All major components of the can be serviced 79b3 replaced during the useful life of the truck, except for the frame. The overall service life of the truck is therefore dependent upon the durability of the frame which Caterpillar estimates to have a twenty-year service life.

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Caterpillar Series Caterpillar first caterpi,lar. Archived from the original on Developed specifically for high production mining and heavy-duty construction applications Archived from the original PDF on Diesel Progress Cagerpillar American Edition. Caterpillar designed the truck in response to mining companies seeking a means to reduce cost per ton United States of America: Mining Top News Website.

Archived from the original Microsoft Word Document on Perspectives on Global Mining” Issue 4. The B engine is a tandem unit consisting of two B HD engine blocks Optional High Altitude Arrangement does not derate between m The Cat C quad turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled diesel engine Caterillar low altitude arrangement LAA engine derating required up to m 7, ft altitude. No high altitude arrangement HAA engine derating required up to m 16, ft altitude.

The Cat seven-speed planetary power shift transmission This new tire was developed in conjunction with Caterpillar for this application. Archived from the original Shockwave Flash Presentation on Retrieved 16 March Best Manufacturing Company Holt gas electric tank Holt tractor. Finning WesTrac Williams Adams.

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Caterpillar first generation. Front engine, rear wheel drive. Seven speed planetary gearset.