Catch of the Day (Hqn) [Kristan Higgins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins released on Apr 20, is . Catch Of The Day [Kristan Higgins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. First Date à la Maggie Take one lovelorn diner owner (me)A generous. Catch of the Day was the first Kristan Higgins book that I read, and I totally fell in love with it. I, too, would’ve liked to learn more about what was.

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Falling in love with a Catholic priest was not my smartest move. And in case I might have overlooked those little facts, I have an entire town pointing them out to me. The problem is, even when someone is clearly wrong for you, he might seem…well, perfect.

Kind, funny, charming, intelligent, hardworking. He likes the same movies I do. He loves my cooking. He compliments me often and laughs at my jokes. He cares about the people of my hometown, listens intently to their problems, offers gentle guidance when asked. Ostensibly there are enough males krisran females, but statistics can be misleading.

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Our town is in Washington County, the northernmost coastal county in our great state. Gray-shingled houses hug the harbor, and the air snaps with the smell of pine and salt.

Five hundred from New York City. Meeting new people is difficult. There have been a few boyfriends, sure. I deliver meals to the infirm. I cook higguns the soup kitchen on Tuesday nights and bring whatever leftovers I have on an almost daily basis. However, the charitable neurosurgeon has proved elusive, and as of one year ago, when I was thirty-one years old, I remained single with no credible prospects on the horizon. I had gone for a bike ride out to Quoddy State Park.


Clad in layers of fleece and microfiber, I rode further than usual higgnis the brisk air and fading sunlight of the afternoon. Then, with classic New England unpredictability, a drenching, icy rainstorm blew in from the west.

I was a good ten miles from town when my bike wheel slid on some ice. I went ass over teakettle down an embankment, right into a wet patch of snow that concealed eight inches of mud and ice. Not only was I filthy, freezing and wet, I had also managed to cut my knee and tear my pants, which were new and now shredded and stained.

Feeling very sorry for myself, I hauled my bike up the bank at the exact moment a car went by. Or heard me and was afraid, as I resembled an escaped lunatic at that moment. I watched the taillights of the blue Honda disappear in the distance, noting that the sky was suddenly much darker. I started walking, gimping along on my cut knee, until a pickup pulled over.

Before I could even tell who it was, the driver grabbed my bike and popped it in the bed of the truck. Squinting through the rain, I saw it was Malone, a silent, slightly scary lobsterman who moored next to my brother. In my mind, I could hear an imaginary narrator…Maggie Beaumont was last seen riding her bike one dark and stormy afternoon.

Her body was never found. Cup of coffee, too. On the house, okay? As I watched the taillights blur in the rain, I said a prayer. All I want is a decent man who will stand by me and be a good father to our kids. What do You say?

Catch of the Day (Gideon’s Cove, #1) by Kristan Higgins

Medium height, light brown hair, green eyes, broad shoulders, beautiful hands. When he smiled, my knees buckled at kristaan glory of those straight, white teeth. A leaping thrill of attraction and hope shuddered through my entire body.


New jeans, that was good. Blue sweater, not bad. Blushing with pleasure, I looked out into the parking lot and saw the blue Honda. I fell off my bike, and I was trying krustan flag you down. Oh, dear, forgive me! Lust engulfed me like a thick fog. Kristzn, um…what would you like for breakfast? And our pancakes are the best in town. Not just a waitress, but the boss. It was at this moment that the fatal event occurred.

Georgie Culpepper, my dishwasher, burst into the diner. How are you, Maggie!

I saw snowdrops this morning! You want me to wash dishes now, Maggie? As I tried to extricate myself and as Georgie continued to tell me about the wonders of spring, Tim answered my question.

Finally, I pried Georgie off me and patted his shoulder. Tim, this is Georgie Tge, and he works here. Our bubble boy, right, buddy? Georgie treated Tim to a hug, which was returned warmly. Nice to meet you, Tim! How are you, Tim? I smiled even more…could there be a better character reference than someone who knew just how to treat Georgie Culpepper?

He scuttled to the kitchen and I remained, staring down at Tim. It was a real pleasure meeting you. Do you happen to belong to St. Any connection, no matter how thin…. Okay, so it was a little…devout…to mention where he went to church, but that was okay, I quickly assured myself. Perhaps the Irish were just more religious. But I hoggins Catholic, technically anyway, and St.

Catch of the Day.