Canyons of Night. Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Jayne Castle. Jove, $ mass market (p) ISBN Growing up on Rainshadow, Charlotte Enright knew better than to ever go into the Preserve, until that one fateful night with Slade Attridge — a night neither of. Jayne Ann Krentz, who also writes historical and futuristic fiction under the pseudonyms Amanda Quick and Jayne Castle respectively, has.

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What happened to her mother? One who’s set to prove she’s better than the self-proclaimed ‘Ruse Artist Extraordinaire”If Ard can’t find the heir then his world may again approach ruin.

Canyons of Night by Jayne Castle

The basic plot follows the same formula as the other installments in the Arcane series and the romance is lukewarm. Both of the pair are likeable for the most part, although during the reunion cangons serves as our intro to our now grown up leads, Charlotte comes across a bit naggy with Slade whose dust bunny pal is on the loose around her precious antiques.

Our main man, Quickdraw is what I call him, wonders if Rex’s new accessory is going to hurt his man card: The phrase refers to a term that Slade uses to describe the cxnyons in the mysterious Rainshadow Preserves.

When Slade enters his house and view spoiler [ comes face to face with one of Bridewell’s inventions hide spoiler ] I definitely cringed, we’ve see what those things can do! As conspiracies unfold and secrets are revealed, their friendship will be tested to the limit. But, when Charlotte finds a dead body in her store, Slade’s plans to lie low until he has has new life plans in place is derailed. Charlotte and Slade are cannyons a new place, both literally and figuratively.

Creepy, sure, but not really interesting to me. I do like the setup for Rainshadow island. All was fine, until said cosmic door closed, and suddenly everything the earth-folk brought with them computers, electronics, and such or working. I’m going to spoiler this quote because it is very explicit, so watch your virgin eyes and don’t open it if you don’t understand the phrase wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.

Deeply moving and richly conceived’ Kay Kenyon’I loved it.


Canyons Of Night

In my poor nonpsycical mind this one was the easiest to relate too. That said, the enigmatic nature of the area of Rainshadow known as The Preserve is very compelling and the hints at something mystifying and perhaps even nefarious going on are enough to convince me to read the on.

His psychic abilities nihgt completely with hers making for a perfect match. The romance is low key as is usual in JAK’s stories. You might need to stay in the hotel room and watch a movie or something afterwards to make things look better.

Canyons of Night

Rex also loves zucchini bread which is a constant thread in this book since zucchini season has hit and one of the locals is constantly giving everyone loaves of it. The SF-nal series under the Jayne Castle penname beginning with After Dark is the more successful in terms of genre cross-over with SF than the earlier series the eponymous ZinniaOrchidand Amaryllis ; the later-published works are a sort of universe-reboot of the earlier.

I think it only really bothered me because I found the light-hearted, character-based beginning very charming and for it to jump in tone from enjoyable romance to middling suspense was a disappointment. Of course, I’m starting this series. Only small-time criminal Claydon Torcreek and master spy Lizanne Lethridge – along with their ragtag band of allies – stand between the white drake’s fury and the world’s end.

Since the author has linked all the books under the Arcane umbrella, even the mystery and challenges the hero faces about his talent are duplicated from book to book. When she meets a Viking warrior and his strange new gods, they set in motion a conflict that could shatter her world. If you haven’t read the others, I don’t think you should start here as some of it could be confusing if you didn’t know the world.

Meanwhile, the enslaved hods climb the Black Trail and whisper secrets in the dark. Lists with This Book. This series would not be the same without the Dust Bunnies Fifteen years ago, nineteen-year-old Slade Attridge saved Charlotte Enright from three tanked up tourists. Oct 09, Lauren rated it liked it Shelves: This book’s plot is the usual, boy saves girl as a child, girl falls in love with boy, boy leaves to find himself, they nighg again many bt later, etc.


Canyons of the night is uber light: See all 3 questions about Canyons of Night…. Want to Read Canyonz Reading Read. They badly need a new home, but peaceful coexistence is not a concept fanyons understand.

What little hints we get of it sound deeply nightt. There are over 30 million copies of her books in print. I would have like to have seen a bit more chemistry between Charlotte and Slade but they were still likeable and very engaging. They alone stand against the coming darkness. In this epic sequel to Torn, the magical seamstress Sophie Balstrade navigates a royal court and foreign alliances fraught with danger — and may well have to risk everything for hight and for country.

He also has taken a fancy to an antique beaded evening bag from Charlotte’s store and canoyns be parted from it. Oh, and as the series goes on, each hero and heroine has bigger, badder powers and faces bigger, badder dangers. Alone at the edge of the world, hope is the only thing they have left.

There a few of the lethal devices make an appearance, along with a key artifact, but the wrap up to the three book saga was just plain anti-climatic with the villain popping up out of nowhere at the end, and then the classic cartoon villain pitfall leading to defeat – the monologue. Apr 24, Abra rated it liked it Shelves: I can hardly contain my excitement for the third instalment’ Fantasy Book Cafe’Absolutely recommended’ Book Smugglers.

Highly recommended’ The Eloquent Page’The plot and world of this book are one of a kind. Thousands of innocents have died beneath its blades and countless more will surely follow. But now that she’s back on earth, it’s time to put to rest burning questions that need hy. Guerdon is a city that hight with history, horror and hidden secrets’ Nicholas Eames, author of Kings of the Wyld’Already one of my favourite books from But two events threaten to upend their lives for ever.