Dr. Ir. Megawati Simanjuntak, MS. Ir. Retnaningsih, MS. Ir. Md Djamaluddin, MSc. Buku Panduan: Ujang Sumarwan. Perilaku Konsumen. Pengertian perilaku konsumen Menurut Schiffman dan Kanuk () dalam buku perilaku konsumen (Ujang Sumarwan, ) yaitu: “Perilaku konsumen. Buku Panduan: Sumarwan, Ujang. Perilaku Konsumen: Teori dan Penerapannya dalam Pemasaran. Jakarta: PT Ghalia Indonesia.

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Dodik Nur Rachmat, M. Creativity is a word that is emphasized when the first lecture held by Prof.

Ir Ujang Sumarwan M. Marketing is closely related to creativity, marketing creativity determines the level of sales of a product. Ujang gives a relaxed impression. The students will get a feel which leads him to be actively involved in the lecture. The interesting thing in the lecture Prof. Ujang each student is asked to write down his definition of marketing.

The challenge is the definition of one man and the other may not be the same. This makes the students have to think extra hard to find a definition of marketing which is unique and unusual.


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In addition the students also emphasized the importance of personal branding. Vision and Mission also be the main topic of the first lecture with Prof. Each student is asked to submit its vision and mission to be heard by other friends.

A strong vision will determine how deep sumrwan person in the struggle to achieve it.

Marketing Management Class at IPB Business School

Another interesting point of the lecture Prof. Ujang is his ability in linking theory with experience lecturing his experience.

This makes the students become easier to understand. I really hope this study can improve my knowledge of the world of marketing. Not only in theory sujarwan also its application in the field.

Kuliah 1 Perilaku Konsumen | elinoktaviani

Because a good product without good sales will cause consumers can not enjoy it. Therefore, good marketing is one of the most important things in business.

Perspektif Perlilaku Konsumen dan Marketing Plan. Value Based Marketing and Marketing Metrics. Pemasaran adalah memahami berbagai kebutuhan para pelanggan dan mengembangkan sebuah proposisi untuk menawarkan nilai yang superior.

Melalui penyediaan nilai pelanggan yang lebih tinggi maka manajemen dapat memberikan dan menghasilkan nilai yang lebih tinggi pula kepada para pemegang saham. Nilai suatu merek dagang terbentuk dari kepercayaan para pelanggan terhadap merek dagang perusahaan. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.


Note of The First Marketing Class with Prof Ujang – paulheme

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