FAQ English · BRT Information English · Safety Audit Report Of BRT · BRTS Corridors · System Specification Report · Nagar Road Drawings · Aalandi Road. Rapid transit, transport, Pune, Modeling, Simulation, BRTS. This paper is aimed at modeling the traffic scenario in that part of Pune city where the BRT has . The level of service provided by the existing traditional transport system in Indian cities are not up to mark. Unreliable, crowded, delayed travel time, congested.

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Rainbow BRTS | प्रवास नवा, पर्याय नवा

This has been one of the best initiatives taken in Pune in interests of public. Retrieved 30 October IT Nodal Officers Contacts. The Hadapsar-Katraj pilot project consisted of Property Tax Self Assessment. Vendor Registration Vendor Registration Form.

10 years on, Pune BRT fails to address commuters’ woes

Today on 23rd Feb at 9. General Administration City Census.

The buses which came in behind the bus in question also got stuck. I travel across nagar road almost everyday and the situation there I pathetic.


Performance of the Website. Emergency Services Disaster Management Cell.

Pune roads: PMPML Bus breakdown in BRTS lane, A traffic chaos called Khilare Patil street

I kindly request you to look into it. Existing footpaths are illegally occupied by hawkers, bbrts, garages, shops, encroachments and they have to be re-located without further delay.

BRTs road should be extended through Wagholi also ,this will ensure proper transport system and avoid frequest Jams. But but still I feel when BTRS it enters in Wagholi from old Jakat naka ,there some chaos happens as the roads are not widened properly, BRTs road should be extended through Wagholi also ,this will ensure proper transport system and avoid frequest Jams.

Why create hype over something that is essentially a bundle of failures. General Administration City Census. The best part is now the project has spent so much money they will say it is a success no matter what happens.

Inthe PMC started to make changes on the road so that the management of traffic would become easier.

Pointing out the deficiencies, Sukhrani said a portion at 9 BRD gate is still protruding onto Nagar Road since last year although PMC has completed the administrative building.

Construction of the first route was due to be completed within 18 months. At least In office perk hoursExtra buses should be there oune every route if transport team is really want to make BRT successful in Pune.


This 14 km long route upto Wagholi has 13 BRT stations on the segregated 7.

Pune BRTS | Pune Municipal Corporation

This page was last edited on 30 Octoberat Media Green Foot Print of Pune. November Learn how and when to remove this template message. This may end up causing accidents and thereby BRT may loose credibility as seen before. Almost all project on brt corridor have this reservation. Currently, old bus stops left side of the road are operational at these locations due to metro construction:.

Which narrows the road further. As a result, as many as six to seven buses were stranded on the route. RTI Act Section 4. Women and Child Welfare Children’s Welfare laws.

Shivajinagar Station – Swargate Skywalk. PMPML, like most public transit utilities including metro rail around the world is a subsidized system.