Fast paced with good historical content. Ben Mezrich has great style and say with words to engrossing you into his stories. Straight flush is no exception. In “Straight Flush,” Ben Mezrich follows a bunch of fraternity buddies through the rise and fall of what they hoped would be an online poker. After writing about MIT students who took Las Vegas for millions and the founding of Facebook, Ben Mezrich turns to online poker. “Straight.

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The government had also taken a dislike into the online poker business which the boys ignored to continue to strive for money. Don’t have to be a card player to get wrapped up in it. So I turned down large amounts of money to work for these companies.

Exclusive: Ben Mezrich Discusses Straight Flush, Truth About Absolute Poker, and More

I think certainly there was mismanagement. I was surprised at my reaction to their being brought down by our government after doing absolutely nothing illegal until 2 congressmen attached an illegal gambling rider to a powerful port protection bill????? Can you delve in to that portion of the book? Nothing is being covered up. You could ask those guys and they would give the same answers.

I would like to put that out there right now. Sign up to our newsletter using your email.

I met Pete in Phoenix, which is where he lives. I thought that was really cool. It is a wild ride.

For instance, were the bill delayed by a couple months and the planned IPO for Absolute Poker went forward, the frat boys would be billionaires. Details the roller coaster ride by the founders of the Absolute Poker internet poker flusu. There was a cheater. Top 10 Stories of5: This is a fascinating tale As if he wants that life for himself, and is also repelled by it.


Book review: Straight Flush by Ben Mezrich – The Boston Globe

Impossible to put down, Straight Flush is an exclusive, never-before-seen look behind the headlines of one of the wildest business stories of the past decade. They confronted Scott about the cheating and so Scott got on the plane to go. Scott clearly feels that the government did both him and Brent wrong. Apr 10, Scott rated it did not like it. Too bad since it’s a good business tale, the sort of thing this B-School refugee often enjoys. Next see it unravel w Mezrich delivers on his typical formula.

If I wanted those details, I’d be trying to dig up some good invest I’d love to give this book 3 stars or less because Mezrich’s writing is so cheesy, but I couldn’t put the book down.

I think this would make a great movie. Recomended to fans of Ben Mezrich or anyone interested in Poker and online entrepreneurship. September 12th, and it came out in October.

I was writing a book about the rise and fall of Absolute Poker and the fall of an industry, which was to me a much bigger story.

When online poker was kind of hot, I think I was on PokerStars mostly. If you want to blame Scott and Hilt then you would have to prove they were there at that time.

This one, however, doesn’t really work on either level. It takes a deft, masterly hand to pull this off.

Nov 11, Scott Wilson rated it really liked it Shelves: But even mezricy he obviously didn’t want to write that book, Mezrich could still have gone for a much more classic tragedy — the David and Goliath tale of entrepreneurs up against not just better funded competitors, but the the entire weight of a broken political system, leading relentlessly to the key moment, where, hubristically believing they’re beyond its reach, they take the path that ends in prison.


Also when they went back to the email addresses it seemed to come from an old email of Scott and from a computer that was either in his office or house. I have my own opinions about how the government has handled online poker, and if anything those views were just strengthened by this read.

Exclusive: Ben Mezrich Discusses Straight Flush, Truth About Absolute Poker, and More | PokerNews

You mentioned that you got full flushh from the key characters in the book. So they took down these companies and ended up getting a lot of mezrifh out of it. They moved the company to Costa Rica where the site could operate without a gaming license. Secondly, Costa Rican government had all these employees that needed to be paid, which was a few million dollars.

I’ll take the juicy stuff and I don’t care if the recreated dialogue is mostly unrealistic garbage and the chapters all start with something like “It was the end for so and so” followed by a line about “so and so” finishing his dinner.