So far a book “Baigais gads” (“Horrible Year”), published in Riga during German occupation in , has been an important source of visual information. The Soviet occupation of Latvia in refers, according to the European Court of Human .. This has also been referred to, in Latvian, as “Baigais Gads” (Year of Terror). (This term was also used in anti-Soviet propaganda of the period— these. Jump to: General, Art, Business, Computing, Medicine, Miscellaneous, Religion, Science, Slang, Sports, Tech, Phrases We found one dictionary that includes.

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ApproximatelyLatvians ended up in exile in the West. On August 21,Latvia claimed de facto independence.

The Story of Latvia: On October 5,the Gaads had been invited to Moscow to “discuss mutual problems. Nevertheless, despite declarations that a state of war now existed with Germany, the inter-Allied military conferences of September 4—6 determined there was no possibility of supporting an eastern front in Poland.

Also remains of the last victims were found mutilated in the manner typical for cheka officers: The photos in the book were taken right after the retreat of Communists, to document their atrocities. Corpses were inspected by a commission consisting of judges for important cases, prosecutors and medical doctors appointed by the government.

Initially, a maximum of 30 hectares of land could be used by a family, reduced during the second Soviet occupation to 15—20 hectares.

baigais gads – Wiktionary

On July 2,a unit baiigais Latvian deserters captured the town of Siguldaand three days later, Latvian rebels took control over another town, Smiltenealso blocking the strategic road to Pskov. In July the country stepped on the road of the restoration of its independenceand after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Latvia’s sovereignty was fully restored in Other states followed the suit.


Part of a series on the. With Baltic Sovietization imminent, Hitler issued a “call home” to ethnic Germans. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Uploaded by mnbvcxzlkjhgfdsa on July 24, In FebruaryRussia agreed to start withdrawing its troops from Latvia. Official Journal of the European Communities.

International recognition, including that of the USSR, followed. The issue of the Soviet occupation, its motives and consequences, remains a bone of contention between the Baltic states and Russia.

Baigais Gads – Latvia: Immediate confiscation of property and execution within 24 hours was decreed for diplomats abroad who refused to recognize the new regimes and return to Latvia. As reported by Time inthose who had failed to have their passports stamped for voting Latvia into the USSR were allowed to be shot in the back of the head by Soviet NKVD, [43] The country remained occupied by the Soviet Union until restoration of its independence in On the next day Adolf Hitler received the Estonian and Latvian envoys, and in course of this interviews stressed maintaining and strengthening commercial links between Germany and Baltic states.

Ratifications of the German-Latvian pact were exchanged in Berlin on July 24, and it became effective on the same day. University Press of America.

The trains were escorted by a NKVD officer and military convoy. The Bolshevik communist government of the USSR massacred the citizens, including by deportation — transportation methods were designed to kill the deportees, and committed atrocities, such as torture, on the residents of Latvia, for showing baigasi sign of dissent, posing any kind of threat to the Bolshevik communist leadership, or just being suspected of such.


According to these protocols, Finland, EstoniaLatvia and Bessarabia were within the Soviet sphere of interest, and Poland and Lithuania fell into the German sphere of interest.

baigais gads

Vintage Baaigais, New York Pages reproduced below come from the website: Totalitarian and Authoritarian Regimes in Europe. Extra-judicial detentions, torture, mutilation of prisoners, painful death in a detention center of the NKVD the secret police of the communists.

The book was published in in Riga, Latvia. Four months before the arrival of Soviet troops in Latvia, Vilhelms Muntersaddressing an audience at the University of Latvia on February 12,stated, “We have every reason to describe the relations existing between Latvia and the Soviet Union as very satisfactory.

Baigais Gads – Latvia: Year Of Horror

For baigas title, it was translated in the former in view of the nature of the events being related. Hundreds of men were arrested, including many leaders of the Republic of Latvia. Soviet occupation of the Baltic states This book shows communism as it was in reality – cloaked in deception and lies, filled with inhuman cruelties, revelling in torture and gadz, sadistic in its delight in the lamentations of sufferers, and infinite in revenge and destruction.