Bajaj has done it with their DTS-i and DTS-Si engines, TVS has its CVT-i i would like to mention that atft technology of herohonda is derived. Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology (ATFT) assumes a critical part at the in its dashboard because of the movement in the city zone and other engine r. ATFT means Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology, Tumble flow means swirling. In this technology fuel air mixture from the carburator into the engine.

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Sections of this page. This drawback raises the need of the improvement in induction. The term “Quantum Core” was the subject of many jokes in internet biking forums for it did not make any sense.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I think I’d come across this while reading one of the magazines It is known that the swirl flow has a large effect on homogenizing the air and fuel mixture, but it has the little effect on accelerating combustion by the generation of the turbulence.

It helps the engine to have a good fuel consumption and efficiency. The advantage being one gets a more efficient burning of fuel hence more power and better fuel economy with lesser emissions. What is science technology? We bring latest buzz about cars and auto industry to you. APDV, I think, means that the Ignition timing is controlled by a microprocessor which varies the time according to throttle position, engine speed or other such factors!!!!!!


The cc Glamour got the ASFS alphabets on its body panels in its late upgrade along with the red colored chassis and now so does the Super Splendor. At the same time, automotive enthusiast developed ATFT technology. I am sure that you must have heard about Orient P. Vehicles will never accomplish the pace of what notice in its dashboard because of the movement in the city zone and other engine restrictions however the vast majority of its life goes through with the pace of kmph.

Hero MotoCorp – Advanced Tumble Flow Technology (ATFT)

Why is information technology called computer technology? Formula 1 atfr for Beginners Part 1: Hope you guys will like this Post. ML workstations — fully configured. DTSI stands for “Digital twin spark ignition.

CB Unicorn Dazzler The Views and Opinions published in this blog should in no way be related to any other person or organization associated — directly or indirectly — with me. On the other hand, it is known that the tumble flow is effective to improve the combustion at the light loading of an engine by the strong turbulence effect which is caused when the tumble flow is broken near the end of the compression stroke.

Because of this dual sparking in both technologies, there will a neat and clean combustion takes place due to that the engine will acquire a good efficiency with complete combustion which results in the smooth running of engine and increase in life span.

What does technology want? This increases the combustion efficiency.

What are the best technology? Education, technology and innovation have its own performance towards the improvement in above tag.


What is ATFT technology? Blast from the Past []: Motorcyle Riding Jackets In India.

VTEC means variable valve timing and lift electronic controll system and i-vtec stands for intelligent rest as same as vtec for honda. Answered Nov 27, See more of Knowledge Domain on Facebook. Show On TV Auto.

Once the engine is running, the glow plugs turn off.

Advance Tumble Flow Induction Technology | Global Automotive Technology

As the DTS-SI also has dual spark plugs and combustion takes place with the help of dual spark plugs. They make this adventure alive in its upcoming bike Techology. Hybrid Air, An innovative full hybrid gasoline system. It obviously means that most of the time, vehicles run at the speed of about Automotive field contributes all his best efforts toward this, with the help of new development and technologies that is invented by considering the current status of rechnology.

Most diesel engines have between This is to remind that the Views or Opinions in the blog are entirely mine unless explicitly stated. Marketing guys of these companies should make sure that the common man should be able to relate these letters with its products.