ALESIS. A6 Andromeda (A6). Service Manual. P/N: C. The information in this document contains privileged and confidential information. It is intended. To update the operating system software of your Alesis A6 Andromeda, please follow these instructions. Updating the OS is a very simple and. View and Download Alesis ANDROMEDA A6 reference manual online. Voice Real Analog Synthesizer. ANDROMEDA A6 Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Andromeda A6 Reference Manual 47 Chapter 2: We’ll also take a good look at Master Volume and Tune, the keyboard and andromeeda modes, Portamento, the Sequencer and Arpeggiator, the two performance Wheels manuwl the Ribbon Controller. Let’s take a few moments to cover these two elements. Andromeda A6 Reference Manual 55 Chapter 2: The Andromeda is a hybrid Analog-Digital synth – with an “all-analog” signal path and digital microprocessor control, digital effects which can be bypassed entirelyand digital tuning.

An arpeggiator is extremely versatile in that intricate patterns of notes can be constructed that would otherwise be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to play manually.

Using this button to enter the Sequencer edit mode allows you to examine the current settings without making any changes.

Midi Overview Chapter 4: Before we dive into Program editing and creation, let’s take a moment amnual review what progress we’ve made so far: Basics of Analog Synthesis 7. Since the A6 does not contain an amplifier or speakers, you’ll need to connect it to some kind of a sound system in order to hear it.

The abbreviation for frequency modulation, FM can be easily confused with other forms of frequency modulation such as an LFO providing vibrato or trills by modulating the frequency of the VCOs. The huge popularity and continued development of synths since the late 60s is due, in great part, to this ability to offer so many different types andomeda sound textures in one box.


An amp with a full- range speaker will also suffice, as will a stereo music system with external audio inputs. In one of its more manuwl applications, a singer often adds vibrato at the end of a sustained note.

When on, the LED will light. Mix Mode works the same: In addition to the fundamental wave, a series of waves are present in each sound that are related to the fundamental. You need to auto-tune the A6 after you first turn it on and should do it again after it warms up about 15 minutes.

Alesis – Andromeda A6 – Owner’s Manual

This sets the Channel androemda which the instrument will normally transmit MIDI data, although the “upper” and “lower” components mwnual splits and layers can be set to transmit and receive on Channels other than the Basic. First, we need to consider what makes up a sound wave: When either I highlighted by turning their soft knobs or by pressing soft button 5 KEDplay any note on the keyboard to set the value.

You’ll need to enter this page whenever you want to create custom control setups that are different from the defaults. Andromeda A6 Reference Manual 79 Chapter 2: The first level uses dedicated front panel controls to control the level of a particular modulation source and is the most visible of the three. Use only attachments or wlesis specified by the manufacturer. Later, you can save time by tuning only the oscillators if you wish, by pressing the button under OSCFRQ in the display.

Full text of “Alesis Andromeda-6 Owner’s Manual”

But for some reason, these instruments – as good as they are – seem to be a little lacking in many respects. Also, arpeggios can manuzl played faster than is humanly possible, or span octaves above or below the physical limits of the keyboard. Am Overview of the A6 Now that we’ve covered the bare-bones basics of analog synthesis, we can move on to see how all this theory applies to the A6.


This concept holds true in all modes: While not programmable in the sense of being stored with Programs and Mixes, global settings are kept in a section of RAM dedicated to global functions alesix are retained when the A6 is turned off. When an event “plays,” Note, Velocity and Gate are output to the sequencer’s assigned destination — most often the voices — simultaneously.

One of two S-Curves can be selected: Follow the prompts for whether you want the card to store only Programs, Mixes, or both.

Got it, continue to print.


Getting Started Quick Start: Eight knobs below the display whose functions are determined by what is currently being displayed on the second row of text from the bottom the Wlesis row.

Sustain pedal control is typically routed to the Release portion of the envelopes: Sets the number of voices that will be played by one note from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 16, or off.

Verwenden Sie zur Reinigung nur ein weiches Tuch.

The pitch wheel can also be programmed so that it can have a different type of modulation on either side of the center stop. The speed of Program editing is manal further by the functionality of the display. The trigger will occur only when the source is “moving in a negative direction.

Basics of Analog Synthesis Harmonics, like other periodic waves, have frequency and amplitude. The primary wave, called the fundamental, establishes the pitch or note value of the wave.