Akhand Ramayan Paath. Public. · Hosted by Hindu Temple and Cultural Center of Kansas City. Interested. clock. Apr 7, at PM – Apr 8, at At the Radha Krishna Temple of Dallas, the bliss of the Srimad Ramayan is being made available to one and all through Akhand (uninterruped). Ramayana is a very vast history and has lots of life’s dynamic problems and their solutions which fits today situations as well. Once you start.

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Akhand Ramayan Pooja Samagri Kit – Pooja Items online store

Lot of our members helped in preparing the Prasad, food for the Ramayan readers for two days and rxmayan preparing the lunch after Puja on the final day. I wish to thank all our volunteers who participated in Ramayan Reading and preparing the food and for helping in the set up of this Puja.


I very much appreciate your support. If you are interested in participating in future religious activities and our monthly Satsangs, please send me Meera Gupta: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Path started on Saturday Oct 9th at For every one who participated, it was a beautiful and peaceful experience.

It was a big undertaking but this Yagya was successfully completed due to an overwhelming warm response from akhane community. We certainly could not have done it without the help from community.

We were surprised that there are quite a few people in our community that were interested in reading Ramayan. Several of them volunteered for the two hour fixed time slots. Most of them read way more than the two hour time slot.

The overnight slots are usually difficult to fill, but we were able to get adequate coverage for the night as well. Our preference was to keep at least two people reading in each slot at night. Initially, there were couple of night slots where we had the previous commitment from one person only for those slots. However, for each of those slots, to our biggest surprise; we got the participation from some God sent community members who showed up all on their own in alhand wee hours of the night.


We had not even met these members before.

This shows the level and interest and dedication of our community for such an activity. Several members expressed a desire to organize the Ramayan Path every year.