S The Akai S and S feature DOS (FAT32) disk format files as the . ManualClick this link to download the owner’s manual from Akai. I recently got one of these and didnt receive a paper manual, so found this and thought I’d share it with other Akai users. Hope it helps someone. Akai S/S Service Manual. Post by fatbeneltonĀ» Sun Oct 28, pm. Thinking that this forum is as good as place as any for this post as most of.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents About This Manual S Front Panel Removable Panel s Only Removing The Panel s Only Removable Panel Cable Length S Rear Panel Connecting The S Mounting The S Switching The S On User Keys s Only Assignable Program Modulation apm Creating A Multi Assigning Programs To Parts Part Level Window Effects Send Window Fine Tune Window Selecting Multis Remotely Via Midi Part Tools Menu Using Multi Mode Multi-timbrally Zone Level Window Selecting And Editing Zones Amp Envelope Window Functions Aux Envelope Windows Creating copying Keygroups Prog Tools Menu Setting A Good Loop Stereo And Mono Samples Setting Record Levels Making A Recording Overwriting An Existing Sample Re-recording The Sampler’s Outputs Record Error Messages Editing The Effects Modulation Effects Templates Delay Effects Templates Output Mix multifx1 And 2 Only Notes Regarding Save Renaming Items On Disk Deleting Items From Disk Set Play Key Loading Operating Systems To Play Backing Tracks For ‘spinning In How Does It Work Recording Virtual Samples Loading Virtual Samples Converting Sample Types Editing Virtual Samples Midi Controller List Scsi Cable Length Using Windows 95 On The Mac Sound Library Compatibility Installing Extra Memory to Service Technicians Notes On Buying Memory What Is Sampling Don’t have an account?