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For example, Drona orders Duryodhana to conquer Panchala and capture Drupada. And both their stories are different from the Ramayana that has been told in a thousand different ways across Asia over the last three millennia.

Jan 25, Mohit rated it it was amazing.

At first he was exceptionally irate, yet later on, he let go off, knowing the fact that Subhadra, his love ran away with Arjuna as per her own wishes. He could not give his all in the war, just like Bhishma and Drona never did.

What the author did with Asuradiving dark and deep into the lives of Ravana his daughter Sita who is married to Rama and also a certain common man named Bhadra — a counter-view ajaaya Ramayana, he repeated it with Mahabharata in Ajaya.

We ajyaa publish original book reviews. Anand has depicted how story could be if Suyodhana was not an evil person. In fact, while Vyasa’s Jaya did have a pro pandava tilt, it was definitely far more complex and gray. Since childhood, I have believed that certain grey areas in Ramayana and especially, the Mahabharata will need to be explained better.

Most important it talks from the point of view of the vanquished. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. However, if you don’t ‘believe’ in the Mythologies and consider those as stories, you would know the other side to the story as well and perhaps stop thinking Krishna as God. So he goes to Kampilya with only a few divisions of the army and conveys to Drupada the reason for Drona’s anger and a repentant Drupada sends gifts with Duryodhana.

So what was the Grand Regent who would have overseen the army doing while first Duryodhana assembles a few platoons and marches to Kampilya as per the narrative, the whole exercise would have taken the Kauravas a week and then the Pandavas mobilise the whole army and march off to invade a neighbouring kingdom! There are events that are inconsistent too!


The author Anand Neelakantan has done a marvelous job at this. Frankly the book is of neutral view View all 4 comments. To be fair to the author, he makes several good points, several relevant points. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

He had promised Kunti he would make Arjuna the best archer in the land. The viewpoint of anand has completely baffled my understanding of mahabharata.

After hearing about Ajaya I confess spending restless days waiting for the book after hearing that this was going to be another counter story. Anand has wonderfully colored Suyodhana and circumstances that made him look evil. This book too has Politics, plotting, wars and injustice in the name of dharma but here the tables are turned and the pandavs are the grey characters. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The book is realistic, so much so that each and every incident is narrated with minimal fuss and drama.

Ajaya: Roll of the Dice by Anand Neelakantan

For instance, there is a point when Bhanumathi, when she thinks of Karna has a premonition that if there is a point when he has to choose the welfare of his friend over fame and glory, he will choose the fame and glory.

Had the title of the book been Mahabharata – the untold story of the downtrodden AND did not have the errors and inconsistencies mentioned above, it could have been a much better book. Suyodhana sees love around the parrot and hence does not fire arrow.

His view can be described as radical as he takes us on the journey to question our heroes and give a chance to the other characters to explain their situation, their point of view and their dilemmas. It acts like a blow straight on your face to realise the people whose ajaua and virtues you grew up hearing, were far less auaya. This has made me realize how open minded and tolerant we are as culture and race.

Some of them are damn interesting, some I totally loved, liked and even lived with but there are a very few which I actually ajaa up hating for various personal reasons call it my personal opinion, like or dislike and this one unfortunately falls in that sad category where I don’t want any book to put in as far as I can.


Bhadra, who was one of off many common Asuras who were inspired, led and betrayed by Ravana, also had a remarkable story to tell, different from that of his king.

By the time I reached the end of the first part, second part has not yet releasedI began questioning everything that I knew about Mahabh Like almost everyone else, I grew up worshipping Pandavas and Krishna.

And they emerged as the heroes of history.

AJAYA Book I | Roll of the Dice | Anand Neelakantan

Applicable only on ATM card, debit card or credit card orders. And Anand has done justice to all the characters — the book surely needs to be read with an open mind because Krishna, for example is portrayed as a shrewd strategist and like in Asura, here too blasphemy has to be overlooked. Fiction Nonfiction Poetry Reviews. So is with many other characters. Showing of reviews. I am a big fan of mythological fictions so this series was in my tbr for a long time and i started this a few days back Customers who bought this item also bought.

If you liked this review, please share it with others. But the point is him sticking to Duryodhana was merely symbolic.

AJAYA Book I | Roll of the Dice | Anand Neelakantan

The story of Ravana and aiaya People was an excellent read that was quite engrossing and proved Anand to be an excellent writer who does extensive research before writing his book and takes his own time to sip and drink to finish the bottle with no hurry. While history is written by the victors, the losing side is condemned to silence.

I mean if he had written this for any other religion then i am assuming death threats, protests etc etc.